What An Interesting Week!

Last week was eventful...
This week was... well... interesting!
I had a bit more time to relax this week compared to last & I hung out with old friends more often too...

Here goes the final week of my holidays:

Taken from philippetastet.com

This week was interesting because of a bold promise made by Anwuar Ibrahim:
“As soon as Pakatan Rakyat forms the government, oil prices will be reduced. I will resign if oil prices are not reduced.”
Anwuar has made an offer the people cannot refuse!
This promise is spot on to the most apparent & current need of the people.
This alone will win him many votes & the support of many.

However, here is something that may affect the crossover numbers from Sarawak...
MPs in Sarawak have recently been showered with a whopping RM15000 allowance every month for them to reach out to their constituents in the interiors by helicopter.
I wonder how much of that money will actually go to helies instead of mercedies?

The political arena has become very interesting after the "tsunami" elections...
Let's sit back & watch how the drama unfolds!
And let's hope in our hearts & prayers that it is the people who will win in the end...

This week was interesting because I helped out with some family business.
Note that the emphasis here is more on family than business...
So basicly, I did some chores...
I sorted out the recycling & helped with mowing the lawn.
But mostly I was the family driver because school restarted this week & so did tuition.

Every day you'd find me:
blazing from one end of the city to another in mommy's car
or waiting patiently in my shorts, t-shirt & ah pek slippers
(oh, how sexy I'd look... see those hairy legs...)
and reading a novel while listening to music on my hi-tech earphones
(oh, how smart I'd look... I see the hot nerds checking me out...)

After a week as driver, I'm half way through Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code".
So you can imagine the amount of time I spent waiting for my little masters to say "take me home, driver".
Now imagine the amount of time my parents have spent all their parenting lives waiting for the 6 us!
My respect for them increases with each day...

This week was interesting because, for the first time ever, this house has got an internet connection that is endorced by its highest authority!
My parents have voluntarily subscribed to Streamyx at home!
Previously, the internet needs of this household were satisfied by sending needy children to my father's office.
But this changed because of the assignment research needs of my sister who has just entered a local institute of higher learning.
I'm happy cause now I can finally use FREE hi-speed internet at home!

Our Streamyx registration & Aztech router was sourced from Jason Lau.
He is a soft-spoken guy that was really responsible with any issues that arose & helpful with my questions.
I'd recommend his services if you are looking to have Streamyx in your home.
He can be contacted at 014-2080002.

This week was interesting because I had the oportunity to find out about & try Kuching's best burger!
Behold Herry's burger stall.
You can find him at night in the building across the road from Swinburne where the restaurants 'Rasa Rasa' & 'chilipadi' are located.

His menu is very simple...
you have a choice of either chicken or beef.
Add-ons are either extra cheese or pineapple added to your burger.

If you observe him, you can see that he treats his burgers with tender loving care.
He carefully takes out each patty & lovingly lays them down on the barbeque.
He gives each patty equal attention while they cook & makes every effort to maintain the quality of every burger made.

I have never tasted burgers so juicy & flavourful.
I guess this is mainly because of the patty which home made from real meat.
A burger will cost you around RM3.50.
Pricy, but the quality makes it totally worth it as it tastes totally different from the usual mass produced burgers.

taken from fifa.com
Buffon reacts after saving Mutu's penalty!

Sigh... This week is yet another week to grumble rumble.

Last night, Italy drew 1-1 with Romania!!!
Well.. At least they played a much better game last night.
They were alert from the start, created a lot of chances & worked well together.
They failed to score more goals because the Romanian goalkeeper, Lobont, was excellent in twarting their efforts.

Italy are now at the bottom of Group C with France who lost, last night, to Netherlands, 4-1.
The last game for Group C is next Tuesday.
Italy vs France; Holland vs Romania.

Italy MUST win!
However, if Romania wins against Holland, Romania & Holland progress to the finals.
If that happens, Italy can go home & bury their useless handsome faces in their pizzas.

**grumble** **grumble** **grumble**


  1. Nothing beats the feeling of being at home, aye? :)

    Have fun with the briefing at IPBA tomorrow and all the best for your practical.

  2. "local institute of higher learning"

    It's an Australian Uni, mate :)

  3. are u sure ur legs are hairy???? kekekekekeke...

  4. Ethan:
    It's a local franchise of an Australian uni...
    thus, "local institute of higher learning"...

    Oh my, perhaps you would like to take a closer look down there...
    I'm sure what you'll find will really surprise you!

  5. errmmm... its ok.... i trust u.....


  6. Hahaha tat pic wit u on the car is funny! That look..priceless! "I'm confused..who's Mary and who's Da Vincci again??" as J ponders deeply. lol

    I think its sweet of u to help around the house ;) That's what big brothers are for! Driver kuli haha ;) nah, its all good. keep it up!

  7. haha~~
    You got that right!
    My facial expression was done on purpose!
    Glad you picked that up!

    Anyway, after living on your own for a while, you start to notice things that your parents have done for you & start to appreciate them more & more!
    What I do is little to what they have done for me & will do for me...
    I'm glad God has blessed me with them!
    I truly am... so I do look for oportunities to lighten their burden a little bit...

  8. good ramly burgers..hmmm...:D

  9. Shawn:
    Those aren't Ramly burgers!
    Those are homemade Herry Burgers!

  10. By the way, you're lucky to have tried out that barger stall in such a short home-visiting-holiday. That guy always "catch snake" one I tell you.


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