There Was An Earthquake Today

For those of you who do not know...
For the last 5 years I have been sponsored to be sent overseas & trained as the Malaysian English teacher of the future!
The last phase of my induction is to pass the evaluation that will be carried out during a 12 week practicum at a local school.
My practicum start on Monday where I will be reporting in to SMK Puteri Titiwangsa as a "Teacher Trainee".
I'll be going with Shawn, Nesa & Aimi.

Yes, I'll be going to a Secondary School in KL...
Yes, I'll be going to a girls' school...
Yes, a girls' school in the middle of the city...
I know...
But it seems, I didn't know enough...

Today, we had some free time after our briefing in the morning so we decided to look for the school & some wise guy suggested that we also drop in to greet the teachers (which I consented to reluctantly).
The school in Titiwangsa was about 10mins drive from our apartment in Lembah Pantai. (traffic jam not included)

It looked like just about any other Malaysian school...
Except there was a near fatal overdose of estrogen...
Both in the teaching team & in the school student population.
Which may not actually be such a bad thing for me...

One thing that really impressed me about the school was that the teaching team were very friendly, helpful & efficient!
Teacher after teacher introduced themselves & gave us words of encouragement.
They have also prepared the classroom arrangements & documents for us before the actual date we were supposed to report in!
What a pleasant & welcome surprise!

As we were taken on a mini tour of the school...
Guess what we found as we walked past the Form 4 Science 1 class (supposedly the best class of Form 4)...

taken from

It started with one voice.
Then 2 or 3 joined in.
Then 2 or 3 more.
Soon the whole class turned into a choir.

The lovely piece they sang was composed of a single syllable with a surprisingly long vowel.
It sounded like "aaawwwwooooooooooooooooooooo!!".
The amplitude of the volume increased in a crescendo.
At the peak of the crescendo, the sound of drums were added for stronger effect.
Just when you thought the climax of the song was nearing an end, rumbling sounds & stomping sounds were added to sustain this orgasmic delight.

The rectangular drums that also rumbled were custom made from wood & stood on 4 legs.
The stomping sounds were produced from white sneakers forcefully pushed into the ground.
What a wonderful symphonious performance from the class!

Strangely, right after their performance, they started cheering...
Well, logic dictates that they were cheering for themselves because of a job well done!
But, as we walked past the class, why do I get the strange feeling that they weren't cheering for themselves??

Interesting school...
I wonder what will happen on Monday?


  1. I bid u luck in becoming a zoo-keeper trainee... hahahaha

    I think Shadow is less horny than those.... I don't know wut to call them...

  2. sounds good!
    good luck there mate!


  3. OMG.I din noe U got a gals sch.Welcome to the club.FYI,I got TKC, Seremban for ma SBE.pheew~never fond of all gals school.*ok.stop judging.dey mite be angels*.

    *Blame fate for not going to ALL male school.Hahahaha*.

    Gud luck & hope U enjoy the gals woooooooooooo and rolling eyes at U.

    Psst: U mite end up having 'em as gf.

  4. i bet alot of girls will be staring at you this charming trainee tcher.haas.i actually did that to my prac teacher ? hahahahas .blueks blueks

  5. haha... jik kam, hi there. Still remember who i am? I'm actually doing my teaching pratical in SMK Tasek Permai in Ampang right now. 4 more weeks to go and i'm leaving the monkeys for good.

    All the best in your teaching practice. Best of luck with the gals! :D

  6. Nas:
    Thanks, bro!
    Same to you!

    p/s: i believe the term is "adolescent girls"

    Thank you!
    You're time will come soon enough!

    SBE is different from practical.

    SBE = tourist of school
    When u go for SBE, the school attempts to show you the teaching world.
    Therefore, all you do is observe teachers in the classroom.
    Furthermore, you dont have to do anything for the school!

    Practical = servant of school
    When u go for practical, the principal & teachers evaluate you.
    Therefore, you have to leave a good impression.
    Furtheremore, you also take charge of 2 classrooms where you have to be an affective teacher!
    Sometimes, they give you 2 of their worst classes!

    So dont worry about ur SBE...
    Enjoy it!

    unfortunately, i'm not into younger women...
    so I guess there will not be much interest in me!

    I hope that when u r staring, u r listening at the same time...
    I hope that when u r listening, you think critically at the same time...

    Somehow, it seems unlikely...

    Yes, I do remember you...
    The petit "Timbalan Ketua Pengawas"!

    I see you have grown!
    All the best in ur remaining 4 weeks!

  7. Way to go GTJ (Great Teacher Jarod)! hehehe.... Impress your students that you are no-ordinary-eye-candy!!!!! ;)

  8. Lol hope you'll be as cool a teacher as Onizuka-sensei! Have fun at the girl school

  9. Felicia:
    I hope they dont put me in their mouths & spit me out!

    Cool Teacher? Of course!
    Have fun? Sure will!

  10. Anonymous22/6/08 13:10

    Are they drooling all over as you as you passed by? I don't

  11. hahaha~~
    They started to cheer, scream & shout!
    At the peak of the noise, they started beating & shaking their tables!

    I thought there was no teacher, but when I looked in front of the class...
    There she was, in front of the blackboard, smiling & looking as excited as her students!

  12. Hello...
    Actually I dunno wat to say to u bcoz u will definitely be a great teacher, so basically no worry about ur performance in school..
    Jz looking forward to see u receive the best student award and first class honour award on stage during ur Graduation Ceremony next year, k?
    Promise, k?
    All the best..

  13. Gosh~~
    You give me too much credit, LV...
    But I can promise you that I will try to be the best teacher I can during my practical!

  14. Hey I can feel your excitement! Don't tell me that you are not. If I were you, I would be very looking forward to it. After all, what you've studied and learned for years are to prepare you to face what is coming. JIA YOU! *hugs

  15. hahaha~~
    I admit I am excited & I am happy that I'm posted in a girls' school!
    Never been to one before!

    But I'm equally nervous & afraid...
    Fearful that I may fail or be abused by the students...
    Anyhow, I shall do my best!

  16. if got opportunity then should treasure it bcos not everypeople, everytime can have such chance...

  17. Anonymous23/6/08 22:50

    Good luck in your practical!

  18. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!


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