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I Must Change

taken from I'm a nice guy. I stay positive & treat everybody nice. I'm polite, I avoid confrontation, stepping on toes & desire to seek win-win situations. I'm the kind of guy who tries his best to make the best of everything that comes his way. Be it things that I take pleasure in or things that I just cannot stand. I'm willing to do things that I do not enjoy & put real effort into it. When I delegate, I make sure that the person on the receiving end does not feel like it's him/her against the world. Also, I give credit where it is due & try to encourage the people who work with me. I believe in servitude and turning the other cheek & I readily forgive those who have trespassed me. When I deal with money, I want the best bargain for my students. I do not accept commissions & whatever is offered will be deducted from the bill as discounts so that I can stretch the money. taken from I have reached a po

Bandung: Not A Shopping Heaven

Yes, ladies & gentlemen. I have just debunked a well-known myth. I went to Bandung mainly to search for formal work wear & some casual wear. What I saw left me deeply disappointed. Keep in mind however, that I am a man. I did notice that women have a better range for selection. In most establishments, the women's section is at least 2 times larger than the men's section & the men's section is usually relegated to some miserable dingy corner of the store. Nonetheless, I had a good time but I wont be going back any time soon because I feel that I've had everything that Bandung has got to offer to a MAN. Factory Outlets Bandung is famous for its factory outlets or DFOs or FOs. There are just TOOO MANY !! Walk down Jln Riau or Jln Dago & you'll find them lining both sides of the street. The sad thing is... they offer pretty much THE SAME STUFF . Also, I suspect that most of the stuff are IMITATIONS . Yeah, you heard me. The same imitations you