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3 Monkey's North Island Trip

Just like the South Island trip, the North Island was awesome!
And just like the South Island trip, the North Island trip had only 3 monkeys.
Nesa, Guna & Myself.
We were 2 man short but not 2 short of creativity & fun!

We drove around most of the locations in the North Island and had a peak at almost everything.
Here are the highlists in our 8 day trip...

Day 1: Hawke's Bay

We rented a Nissan Pulsar GTI from NZ-Rent-A-Car for NZ$54 a day (including $10 insurance).
The owner of the Wellinton branch is a nice Malaysian Indian man from Seremban.

Our highlight for our first day was the Church Road Winery, Napier.
Church Road is one of the well known & popular New Zealand wineries.
We signed ourselves up for a winery tour at NZ$10 each.
We were shown around the winery & told about the wine making process.
We were also told a little bit about the history of Church Road.
During the tour, we learnt that the wines produced in New Zealand in the year 2007 will be the best ever!…

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