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My Infatuation Continues...

In the morning of Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007, I was inspired (actually... more irritated...) with my Sydney friend's unending love for his Japanese idol, Ryoko Hirosue, so i decided to pick a young lady from a neighbour of Japan, Korea, as my new infatuation! I picked Hyori Lee... Little did i know tat i was setting myself up for the greatest discovery of all time! That afternoon, the the gang (Nesa, Shawn, Seng, Khairil, Norzie, Shiela & Myself) decided to head down to the city central for a little sight seeing & a buffet dinner at Star City, the Sydney casino... And as usual we had to endure a tedious 1 hr bus ride to the city from the subrub we reside in. I was the last to get on the bus, in our group of 7, so i was seated alone at the front of the group who decided to occupy the last few rows of the near empty bus... We chat a little to pass the time but after a while we depleted every topic of discussion... Then, I decided to lean on the seats in front of me with

My Dream House

A few hours ago, a message was left in my voicemail... It was the real estate company... My dream house was given to another applicant... I was devastated... But I wont let this get me down... Perhaps God has a better place for me! =D Therefore, im calling out to all those who believe Jesus exists! Ask Him on my behalf for: - a house with 3 bedrooms - $600 or less per week - Good condition & maintenance - Fully furnished - Good location in city May the Lord bless you back 10-fold for the little mustard seed of kindness you will show me! =D ------------ UPDATES!!!! (Sunday, 21 Jan 2007) I landed a house alright & it's a good one!!! Signing the forms tomorrow! Will show you pictures of d place when we move in on the 11 Feb!! Thanks for all your support & prayers!!! GBU!!!

My Trip To Australia: Melbourne

My search for a home in Wellington ended this morning when i went to view this AWESOME townhouse on The Terrace! It's spacious, clean & well maintained! Furthermore, the rent includes furnishing! HOW AWESOME IS THAT???!!! I went straight to the Real Estate Agency to sign up for the place! Now waiting for my application to be approved... Do support me in ur prayers.... Im gonna call them every day & ask if i got it! =) --------------------------- koko' In Melbourne I arrived alone in Melbourne to find this city as warm as the previous Australian cities i was in... but there was a twist... Melbourne was more windy & breezy that the others... The wind had some resemblance to those in Wellington but gentler & more refreshing; complimenting the warm weather... beautiful, isnt it? There are no theme parks... ntg to pump ur blood... but there is architecture of beauty & creativity... for the gentle soothing of thy soul...   Melbourne

My Trip To Australia: Sydney

Now that I'm back in windy Wellington, i hav to sort out some things here, like getting a place to live in, but i somehow got some extra time to write about my Sydney trip! Therefore, you Sydney guys can stop pestering me now... =) --------------------------- The Capital of Australia! Coming from Brisbane, my companions & I knew wad to expect... WARM WEATHER & GOOD TIMES!!! We came wif great expectiations & we were in for a treat! =) Sydney from the air... Arent we a good looking & happy bunch? --------------------------- "My" House For the 2 weeks I spent in Sydney, I squatted in an empty room in the house of Norzie, Shawn & Seng Chee... FREE OF CHEARGE!! The house is situated in a subrub of Sydney, Mansfield, 1 hrs bus ride away from the city central. This is wad the house looks like... They got an Xbox360 & Nitendo Wii in the living room! We had hours of enless fun in there... AhSeng & I completed "Gea