My Dream House

A few hours ago, a message was left in my voicemail...
It was the real estate company...
My dream house was given to another applicant...
I was devastated...

But I wont let this get me down...
Perhaps God has a better place for me!

Therefore, im calling out to all those who believe Jesus exists!
Ask Him on my behalf for:
- a house with 3 bedrooms
- $600 or less per week
- Good condition & maintenance
- Fully furnished
- Good location in city

May the Lord bless you back 10-fold for the little mustard seed of kindness you will show me!

(Sunday, 21 Jan 2007)

I landed a house alright & it's a good one!!!
Signing the forms tomorrow!
Will show you pictures of d place when we move in on the 11 Feb!!

Thanks for all your support & prayers!!!

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