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My First Raya In Wellington

How did i celebrate the famous & significant Malaysian/Muslim celebration? The asian way... FOOD!!!! I had food at the NZ Malaysian High Commission, organised by the High Commission on the evening of 25 October... Food was from Satay Malaysia. koko' rating: 4 out of 5 for really good everything but sucky satay. The Hall Where The Event Was Held Food Glorious Food! Yes, I was in a Baju Melayu & Yes, I am infatuated with this girl... Isn't she lovely? I had food at the VUWSA (Victoria University of Wellington Student Assiciation) Union Hall, organised by the VUW B.Ed.TESOL Cohort 1 on 27 October... Food was from Cohort 1 & 2. koko' rating: 5 out of 5 for an excellent effort! You would be amazed if you were there to see the turnout & the foodstuff prepared! =) I attened these above functions but I did not turn up at many invitations to open houses.... sorry guys... but i bet u hada great time wifout me anyway! you guys a

My Summer Ideal: The Body of a Greek God

Taken from "Men's Health" - October 2006 Issue This is my pre-summer jogging plan to achieve my ultimate summer ideal... the body of a greek God! Jogging plus a bit of crunching & stretching & weight-lifting at work... will make this ideal within easy reach. I'm started on 23 of October & will finish the 8 week plan on 14 of December... I started Week 2 Today! IM FEELING GREAT! =) Feel free to adopt my plan!

Shugga Daddie Party Notice

The Shugga Daddy Party :: We Be Pimpin' :: Room 301, Cumberland House 10 November 2006 10pm (NOTICE: Postponed due to a clashing Farewell Dinner) by Jarod :: da shugga daddy :: & Nesa :: da PIMP :: Admittance By Invitation Only! ------------------------- You will know if u r invited when u r invited by the shugga daddy, the PIMP or our henchmen.

The 99 Out Of 100

" Out of one hundred men, one will read the Bible, the other ninety-nine will read the Christian. " - D. L. Moody

A Tribute To Jessia: Kuching Can Beat Penang Anytime!

Jessica is an awesome friend... She helped me arrange for the import of my current phone from Malaysia to NZ... She encourages me when im down... & she is still a good fren after soooooo long... Now i love her even more because she has provided evidence to disprove wad all those west-side snobs hav been saying all this time... Penang has the best food? Westside is the best? Not necessarily... Why? Check out her blog entry Kuching: The Place For Food ! Every part of Malaysia has got it's own specialty... So suck up the pride & humble urself... Enjoy the culture of others & share the glory! =)

My First Game of Mahjong!

After being curious about the game for a long long time... I finally had the chance to learn the game last night (a few hours ago)! However, i enjoyed being taught the game more than playing the game! hehehe... cz i got a really gorgeous teacher named Jenny! I love her hair... wavy & long... i envy her... Also she's jz adorable & gullible... I pretended to be unable to read Chinese... Pretended to be a klutsy fool... Then, gav her a big shock when i won my very first game! =) I got so attactched to the game that i went on playing for hours! It was AWESOME!!! (hehe... cz i won so many rounds!) Many thanks to Ester Yap for arranging the wonderful after church get-together party! Every1 hada blast... even Jenny who is yt to win a round of Mahjong...

My Very First Original PC Game

Take a good look at the very first ORIGINAL game i bought! ***** Hitman: Contracts Developed by Io-Interactive Published by Eidos (2004) Purchased on 19 October 2006 ***** I hav always been a fan of the Hitman series & when i saw the DVD of this release on sale... i had to purchace it! =) Furthermore, I enjoyed the game so much i finished it within 24hrs! with around 12hrs of gaming... Again i was very satisfied with the game... Mainly cz it is a game that wants you to think... Yes, you have to kill someone, but... No, you dont have to kill everyone... This game rewards you for being stealthy, selective, explorative & clever. You can choose to go in with ur guns blazing like a madman... or take the stealthy way like a true professional... I play a very professional contract killer so... i explore the area... i use disguises... i calculate every move... i sneak my way beyond the detection of enemy & civilian... i only expose myself when i seek

The Word has Become Flesh

I came across this article and... IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! =) The Word Has Become Flesh The Amish example: 'Gentle folk' of Pennsylvania living the Bible Forgiveness is a virtue worth practicing Amish killer's widow thanks families of victims for forgiveness Posted: Friday, November 17 , 2006, 7:02 “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you,” records the disciple Matthew in chapter 5 of his gospel book. A couple of weeks ago a blooded shooting rocked the Amish community in Pennsylvania. The cold-blooded incident quickly spread throughout the world, sending a warning message of insecurity in the present world. But, the Amish community bounds back with an act that is poised to set a stunning exa

End of Assignments

Today i handed in my last written assessment and breathed a much awaited sigh of relief... Before i go on about my holiday plans... I need to look at what is directly between now and the holidays... 1. The school placements 2. The LING221 Exam 3. Party In My Room 1. School Placements: The two weeks New Zealand school placement, from 23 Oct - 3 Nov, is probrably meant to get us to observe the New Zealand teaching situation and write a long reflection at the end. My schools are two primary schools: Clyde Quay School Newlands Intermediate School Looking forward to it! =) 2. LING221: Sociolinguistics Exam The Sociolinguistics exam is on the morning of October 30. The course is quite a complicated course so there is an ample amount of preparation in store for me. Can't wait to get this over & done with! 3. Party In My Room On the 4th of November, Nesa & I will hold our first party ever! We want to finish all the bottles of spirits that we hav accumulate

My First Cigarette

During the early morning of this day, something trajic occured in the life of my closest friend in Wellington... A 4 year blooming flower has just been sliced off... under mutual agreement... After work at our respective restaurants and getting home to Cumberland together... Upon reaching the glass sliding doors, he told me to go up first, i was reluctant & suspicious... i asked why... in his dismay he took out a pack of cigarettes... lighted one... and broke a 10 months & 2 days record of not smoking since his 7 year smoking chain. I waited for the other smokers to finish & leave before i said anything... "What's wrong? tell me..." i insisted even thou he tried a few times to evade the topic... there was something broken inside of him that was hidden bt somehow apparent to me... Upon further prodding, he finally confessed... right then at that moment, i knew that i needed to show him a gesture of my support... i dropped the books in my arms and