A Tribute To Jessia: Kuching Can Beat Penang Anytime!

Jessica is an awesome friend...
She helped me arrange for the import of my current phone from Malaysia to NZ...
She encourages me when im down...
& she is still a good fren after soooooo long...

Now i love her even more because she has provided evidence to disprove wad all those west-side snobs hav been saying all this time...

Penang has the best food?
Westside is the best?
Not necessarily...
Check out her blog entry Kuching: The Place For Food!

Every part of Malaysia has got it's own specialty...
So suck up the pride & humble urself...
Enjoy the culture of others & share the glory!



  1. Yay~~ Kucching Rules!!!

  2. penang food also nice lar! :p

    but i noe kuching food also very nice...coz my kuching friend here keeps promoting it...yet to go and try...must go and try actually! :)

  3. u shud u shud... :D Jarod will bring u around town when u go...rite Jarod? ;-)

  4. yes, & ethan will pay for everything!

  5. LOL.. you're like promoting me and my post! Anyway thanks dude!

    Kuching food for sure is one of the bestest!

    And by next week, I would be free, so I will deposit the money to your acc okay? RM30.

  6. ah^kam: sure no problem!

    ill claim everything from u after tat...ahahahhaa

  7. haha.. silly Ethan! You know Ahkam's way huh?! LOL


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