Thursday, June 22

Day 1 - From Wellington To Christchurch

On day 1, we woke up to a beautiful stormy morning...
Our early morning ferry trip was delayed until further notice because the waters were too rough... We hada choice of going early next morning or in the early evening...
we choose evening!

the rain stopped in the late afternoon around 2pm, by then the guys were already ready to go... jz waiting in Cumberland for 4pm where we wud get into the car, with Elynn as driver, and be on our way.

Having checked in, we were just sitting there waiting for the ferry to arrive from Picton.
Not knowing that we had to sit through a century in our Toyota Estima just to see the sight of the gigantic ship!

So Nesa, Guna & I aka the backseat club (named after the infamous jacket of Guna, "the backside club"), decided to burn some songs from my laptop, which i brought with me on my trip, onto a few CDs so we can listen to it during our journeys around the South Island.

After finally getting on the ferry, we parked the van, made sure the handbrake was set & the doors locked, before moving on to the passenger areas of the ferry.

The Aratere is not as big a ship as i thought it was...
thou it certainly looked big from the outside, the passenger area is limited to only two decks, a golden lounge & a standard area.
And as you would expect from tourists, we went all around the place looking at everything & taking all sorts of pictures.
But after a few hours of our 6 hour trip, we spent the rest of it sleeping on upright seats you see in the next picture. Not very comfortable... but it does the job.
Anyways, the rough waters seriously made the whole ship go up & fall down so often that i felt too sick to move around.

After our loooooong ferry ride, we set off with Elynn as driver from Picton to Christchurch.
It was late at nite so everyone was sleeping except Elynn the driver & Christie the co-driver.

Half way to Christchurch, there was a switch of drivers. I took over as driver & Nesa as co-driver! YAY!
Dont worry, we didnt crash the car... we did arrive safely in Christchurch!
I'm such a good driver! hahahaaha!
Stay tuned for more!

In The Next Episode:
Day 2 - Christchurch
Actually, I was never able to finish this series... so I'll leave it as it is!

Wednesday, June 21

Prologue: South Island Road Trip 2006

It all started when i was having Yum Char lunch with Christie at a restaurant by the name of Regal Chinese Restaurant. I think this is the best restaurant for Yum Char. The Hong Kong chef's dim sum was seriously excellent!

We were discussing various topics until i talked about my desire to hava road trip to the South Island sometime this year. Christie was deeply interested and i came up with the idea of recruiting several other ppl and going down together to the South Island of New Zealand. She loved the idea and we made plans to materialise the idea!

In the months before our trip, we got a few interested ppl together for a few lunches to discuss the details of our trip.

Yum Char lunch at Eastern Sunrise

Lunch at Istana Malaysia

In the end, before our trip, which will start on 22 June, we got ourselves 7 members & 1 luxury van.


from top right...
1> koko'
2> Tomoko
3> Elynn
4> Nesa
5> Sue Fin
6> Guna
7> Christie

>> Toyota Estima

Our 10 day road trip will take us from Wellington to Christchurch (via Picton ferry & some driving...) to Dunedin to Queenstown to Franz Joseph and finally back to Wellington (via Picton ferry & some driving...).
We will stop at other destinations if we have the time.

Click On Map To Check Out Our Main Destinations
& Our Planned Routes!

In The Next Episode:
Day 1 - From Wellington To Christchurch

Tuesday, June 20

My First Fashion Show

It started from my attendance of a Wednessday evening City Church Wellington Life Group. I met Beca & she asked for male volunteers to help out at a fashion show. Being the sweet gentleman i am, i volunteered after a moment to queer silence...

On may way to the fashion show last saturday, i faced a rather challenging task of trying to gt to the venue by foot. After a long walk and some enquiries, i was at the bus stop infront of Nandos, Courtney Place, waiting for any bus that goes to the Newtown Hospital, which is within walking distance of the venue. Almost every bus from that stop passes the hospital so i easily found my bus and was on my way.

For the fashion show, i was assigned to the task of welcoming and giving directions to attendees at the front door. About 10 minutes after the event started, i got called in to view the show on some specially reserved seats.

The fashion show is held to raise funds for a FEMALE ONLY event called Pamperday. During Pamperday, the ladies gt together to relax and recieve some pampering in the form of beautifying treatments or relaxing massages.
Wad a wonderful thing to do!
Many young ladies who otherwise will not able to afford such a pampering might be able to gt it free on that day! I absolutely love the idea & wish all the ladies a wonderful time of pampering and fellowship!

I would have taken some pictures with the models but i had to hurry off after the show to work at Satay Kampong... DANK!
But i did take some pictures which i will share wif you here...

Me Wif The MCs

During the Fashion Show there were two outstanding performances.
First, there was a ballet performance where the 4 sweet young ladies danced beautifully to the Coldplay song, Fix You.
There was also Soundwave, a group of 4 young male singers, who sang harmony.
They were absolutely amazing!!!
They did not need music nor microphone and they were able to project their wonderfully voiced harmony across the hall!

Finally, here is a picture of Beca, the magnificent young lady who organised everything.
One thing that impressed me most about her is her humility.
Just look into her eyes and you can see her beautiful and kind heart.
God will do great things through her...
I can see that...

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
- Chronicles 7:14

Resigning from the Throne

As many of you may know, i play a free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) by the name of Utopia.

In the game you are one province placed in a kingdom of 25 provinces each run by completely different individuals from anywhere in the world! In this game you construct buildings, explore for new lands, train a military & research science to make ur province stronger. When ur kingdom is ready, wars can be declared against other kingdoms and this is where most of the fun is... trying to defeat the opponent kingdom with ur wits and stratergy!

I really enjoy the game even thou it is mostly just text & numbers. And the coolest thing is I am the KING of my kingdom! the 25 provinces can vote for a province to be the King over the kingdom & they voted for me! The king does all the inter kingdom relations, declaring war and making peace. He also maintains order in the kingdom, resolving disputes & etc.

Well, my story as a King was not a fairy tale... it was a gargantuan struggle and challenge for me to drag my scrappy kingdom from the gutters into the stablility & power it enjoys now! In our last 2 wars, we have completely demolished & disabled the 2 kingdoms! wad excellent results! For this, I thank God, for He has really blessed the work of my hands... wifout Him i wudnt hav been able to gather such a wonderful group of individuals i hav in my kingdom new & harness their power in unity!

However, the kingship is taking it's toll on the welfare of my life in the real world. i constantly need to spend time on the internet monitoring my kingdom, esp during wars, and mentoring the new or less knowledgable players.

Therefore, i hav decided to resign from my throne and be a normal province. I hav elected & declared my more than willing second-in-command to take my place. May he build up from where i left out and take the kingdom to great new heights! Also, may the blessing that i have recieved be passed on to him & may he find his strength in Christ!

Friday, June 16

Official End of Trimester 1 2006

Today is the last day of my Trimester 1 and again i say, good riddance!

I had my MATH104 exam at 2.30pm today & jz like my ALIN201 exam it was really touched by Jesus!

As usual I did not fear the exam, it walked in confidently... i could solve all the problems and remember all that i hav and even those that i hav nt studied but learnt a long time ago!

Also i'd like to thank God that the questions were quite interesting & i was so absorbed in solving it that the 3 hrs passed so fast!

If i get an A it will me A for AMEN!!!


~~~~~~~~~~~ Holiday Resolutions ~~~~~~~~~~~
  1. Read sum books or novels.
  2. I have always enjoyed a piece of classic fiction... my fav is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
  3. Get to know NZ better.
  4. Goin to South Island soon! & wana explore Wellington more wif this free time.
  5. Get an 18+ Card
  6. So i dont hav to carry my passport around when i wana do 18+ stuff... ehem...

Note: My holiday starts today & the last day is on 9th of July 2006

holiday also means i update more... hehehe...

Tuesday, June 13

FIFA World Cup In Wellington

Oh, ur a soccer fan?
So am I!
u wana watch the World Cup?
Do you have Sky satelite TV?
erm... well... too bad...
Being a soccer enthusiast in Wellington is like being a carnivore surrounded by vege...
vege = rugby (it's tempting but just nt appetizing)
You need to go to specific places or make special arrangements to get ur meat boost...
this usually = spending more money to have meat than vege (arranging for Sky TV & going to bars)

It's the World Cup and gona are the days where you can jz go to ur local mamak (Indian-Muslim) shop & watch it on the big screen while munching on some really good and cheap "Malaysian cruisine."

Here in Wellington... u gota go hunting for meat! World Cup games are usually on at 1am, 4am & 7am. It's the early morning & u gota walk around town and look at the little chalkboards they put up outside the local clubs/pubs... they only play the games they write down on the chalkboard... n tat is usually the 1am games... so where do you go for the 4am & 7am games? Italy vs Ghana was this morning at 7am. I wanted to watch it... but where can i?

I left my home in search of a place at 6.40am braving cold & damp high winds... went to the sport bars first... CLOSED. As well as everything else in town except for the coffee shops... WHERE SHALL I FIND MY HEAVEN?

On my way back to my warm and comfortable bed... I remembered a sign outside a student pub i read while passing by before the world cup began...


The breakfast here is quite good as well!

The Big Kumara Bar & Cafe is open all night on Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat!
Sun & Mon open at 7am.

Italy vs Ghana 2 - 0

It was a tough game for both sides as both has plenty of chances. Italy did very well in creating chances but couldnt seem to finish; the shots were usually denied by the hands of the goalkeeper or the goalpost. Ghana had a LOTS of easy chances of their own... but they screwed it all up very badly; many of them fired badly off target.

However, Italy deserve the win because they really did out-class their opponents with their creativty & good finishing. The Ghanaians had really good ball control and teamwork but they did not create much. They relied too much on long shots.

The first goal came from an unexpected Andrea Pirlo long shot from right outside the box into the corner of the net. It happened so fast... Totti passed him the ball from a corner, Pirlo lightly touched it to his right, took a look at the goal... then, WHAM! GOAL!
The second goal came from a Ghanaian defencive mistake. Vincenzo Iaquinta intercepted a weak Samuel Kuffor back-pass, dribbled past the keeper and let the ball roll slowly into the goal & securing Italy's win.


Monday, June 12

The Best Curry Laksa In Wellington

In an earlier post I commented that the Curry Laksa in Satay Kampong is the best in Wellington.

In this post, i will decribe it as detailed as possible to enable the reader, with a hint of imagination, to taste the wonderful dish.

One order of Satay Kampong's Curry Laksa costs only $12.50. As some people might know, laksa is a dish of noodles in soup. Therefore, curry laksa = noodles in curry. So you can expect the dish to be slightly spicy due to the curry that it's served in. The large serving of curry laksa comes in a shiny gargantuan white ceramic bowl and the dish can fill u up with some to spare! I dare say tat two lean girls might find it a struggle to finish jz a bowl of Satay Kampong's Curry Laksa!

Now i will talk about the taste and the experience of savouring this excellent dish. When the dish is placed on ur table, u will find pork meatballs, pieces of chicken meat and seafood on top of your curry-immersed egg noodles. You can start picking on the meat and seafood or, like me, you can mix it all up with the provided pair of chopsticks and Chinese soup spoon.

Start by taking a big sip out of the endless pool of curry. It is silightly spicy but smoothened by a sweet taste and made deliciously complete with a salty taste; simply wonderful! Take a bite of the slightly sweet & salty egg noodles and experience it's perfect texture; not too soft, not too hard... just nice!

nw take a sip of the curry before you chew and then... ahhhhh... satisfaction... feel the noodles slide down your throat with the curry... u'd think the curry was smooth as milk!

Start pecking on the seafood and you will find the prawns and pieces of squid fresh and stimulatingly bouncy; like chewing gum! The pieces of chicken meat you find in the dish is ntg to shout about... it's jz well cooked and yummy... that's all... but the pork meatballs!!!

The meatballs are a only in Satay Kampong original from the boss's hometown. Her mother prepares the meatballs from a mixture of finely minced pork, flavourings and some flour to make it all blend and stick together. However, be warned... it may look like your every day anywhere anyhow meatballs... BUT IT ISN'T!! Take a bite out of one of these ping-pong ball sized delights and you will find that it doesn't taste like ur every day anywhere anyhow meatballs; it's sooo much better! Chewing into a meatball is like chewing into a hash-brown... the meatball has a potato taste with a light meat taste and the hash-brown texture... minus the chewy bits and pieces of the hash-brown. Simply wonderful! AND IT ONLY COMES WITH THIS DISH!

Visit Satay Kampong, Wellington, New Zealand today and try this dish!

NOTE: If you would like me to serve you, I work on Monday and Saturday evenings (6pm till late) & I guarantee you a good time with me serving you!
NOTE: If you have more cash to spend, order a Supreme Seafood Curry Laksa (with the same noodles & curry but the only meat is plenty of seafood) for $15.50 which goes well with a glass of Chardonnay ($8.50). However, the dish does not come with the meatballs but I believe you can request for a few meatballs in ur laksa...

Saturday, June 10


but only for the next month at most... sigh...
All i am nw is fatigue as a result of a previously sleepless studious night.

I had my ALIN201 exam this morning at 9.30am but at tat time i was strangely energetic and ready to face the great 3 hour struggle!

As many of you know, im not a hardworking man. I have the tendancy to study or write my essays very very very close to the exam date or assignment due date. Having this kind of nature wud cause the normal person to be petrified. But when i got my paper i did not feel fear... there was a queer assurance and calmness in my spirit... somehow i was not plagued by the torment of worry or fear...

The calmness really helped me concentrate on the questions i was working on. I dared not look at all d questions when i first opened the paper... i did not want to be discouraged by the taught of my inability to answer the consequent questions. but as i waded my way down the question paper as well as my pages and pages full of writing, i found that i cud answer all the questions but one! i did not answer a 5 mark question. But tat is very very good considering the ammount of preparation i put in...

Special Thanks:
Thanks to all me friends for all d prayers they have brought before Jesus!
esp: Marian (from Utopia, who even put me on her church prayer list! THANK YOU SO!)
& Thanks to all d friends who gav me encouragement before the test!
esp: Rose (from St George, who texted me in d early morning disturbing my study. Thanks, Jakama!)
Finally and most importantly, i will praise my good Lord Jesus for being there for me! for the supernatural calmness... and esp for letting all that is tested be wad i studied.

The end of this ALIN201 exam is an end to a torture... and tat calls for some kind of celebration.
As the Asian that i am, al-food-lover, i supported the plan of our class rep Elena Kim to go for lunch at Istana Malaysia, the Halal Malaysian restaurant Nesa works in, to celebrate the occasion.

We had a good time... I had Curry Laksa and it was great!
The steamed egg noodles came in a bowl full of excellent Indian chicken curry. Such a good curry one has not tasted in a long long time... It left me craving for more!

However, the Curry Laksa from Satay Kampong, the non-Halal Malaysian restaurant i work in, is better.
Will tell you more in a later post.

For now, do pray for my next exam (MATH104)on the coming Friday...

Friday, June 2

Assignment's End

On Thursday, I handed in my last assignment (MATH104) and had a test (LING223).

The LING223 test marks the end of my involvement with that course. The end of my other two courses will be after their exams on 10 June (ALIN201) & 16 June (MATH104).

I feel so free... Now i hav more space to do wad i wana do!

A few hours ago i got back from watching a late nite Xmen 3 at Reading Cinema!
It is my first cinema movie in NZ! and...
The movie was actually quite good contrary to popular oppinion...
and there is wonderful build up to Xmen 4 in the movie!
hint: dont leave when the movie ends... stay till the credits finish... there is a sweet short video for you!

Thursday, June 1

My Thumb Has Healed!

At 1pm, Thursday, i made an appointment with nurse Diane Morgan at Kelburn Campus Students Health Centre. I needed a check on my thumb.

This is wad u hav to do at Student Health. After making an appointment and arriving at the correct centre at the appointed time, go to reception and make ur presense known. You will be given a slip to put into the respective doctor's/nurse's pigeon hole. Then, wait for the doctor/nurse to call for you.
hint: The doctors and nurses rotate rooms so you may not find them in the same room during your second visit.

I got into her office and showed her my beautiful thumb. She said it was recovering well! YAY! And she told me to put some moisturiser on the area because it tends to dry up easily. The appointment was wrapped up in less than 5 mins.

Now you are supposed to leave the office with d slip and hand it in to reception.
I did jz tat and to my surprise i had to pay for this visit. My last two visits didnt require any payment... But i complied... $25... DANK!
Hint: From the lady at reception, it seems i can claim the full ammount if i hand the reciept to the International Student Office at Pipitea Campus. That's quite a distance away... again DANK!

I had a look at d reciept and i found that they described me as an "International Stud"!!
Talk about sugar coating! How sweet is that?!!

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