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Suspension of Service Notice

koko' is currently in Brisbane, Australia and has no Internet access from his computer so is unable to blog normaly...

I will be traveling to Sydney & Melbourne but i doubt blogging will be a priority...

I will be back in Wellington, New Zealand on 16 Jan & i suspect my next blog post will be around that date...

Until then...
pray for my safety!


I hava incredibly freakkin painful toothache which started late last nite...

Eating hurts...
Brushing hurts...
Swallowing saliva hurts...

I feel like im having a period in my mouth...
Its affecting my mood...
Its affecting my life...

Toothahe at the deep end of my mouth...
Slight fever & discomfort...
Yup... It's my wisdom tooth!

Any1 hav tips to help me?


I read the blog of Irry, a good friend of mine, and was deeply moved by her emotions and how it compelled her to do something...

I decided to write a poem to remember such a pure act of emotion untainted by desire...

emotions at its purest
a wonderful work of art

power enough to strengthen
powered deep as eternity

energy in motion
moving through your veins

the trigger is pulled
as you see, hear, feel, taste or anticipate

the unstoppable force is unstoppable
and yet, is deniable

struggle with choice
struggle with lack of vision

hold my hand as we dive into life
for many a tornado awaits

Da Shugga Daddie Party: Success!

The Shugga Daddie Party was a Tremendous Success!

Even though there was a guest & alcohol ban...
Security opened the sliding main doors for our guests
& showed them to our room...
The RA turned a blind eye but gave us till 12am to finish up...

Every1 came & was merry...
It was an unbelievable night!

Pictures from the Party:

Da Shugga Daddy & PIMP Generating Hype Prior to the Party
Taka, a guest from Japan, is also in the picture.
There was also a ghost in the background...

The Beer Fridge
It is compulsory for guests to help themselves to any beer in the fridge
or snacks on the counter above the fridge

The Bar (Mixer) Fridge
The fridge with supplies for mixing drinks for the guests
There are actually more juices & fizzy drinks still in their pastic bags under the bar!

Our Proud Collection (our Green Label Johnny Walker was not served)
Guests are under strick orders to finish all of the above

Mr Bartender & Mr Dominic from Singapore
The Margaretta cocktail was a favourite tha…

I Served Mahathir Lunch!

On the 7th of November 2006, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian immediate past prime minister, was in Wellington, New Zealand...

And guess what?
I Served him lunch!

Venue: Istana Malaysia Restaurant, Allen St, Wellington CBD.
Time: 2pm

Plenty of pictures were taken that day, but due to lack of skill, most are unpresentable...
However, here are some good pictures from that day:

The Seat of Honour Mahathir's Seat at the VIP Table

Istana Malaysia Interior
Rostrum, VIP Table & Smartly Dressed Guests

The People Who Worked Hard To Make the Lunch A Success
We Slaved For Hours the Night Before to Prepare For the Day

The Floor Staff
The Waiters who Served...
From Left: Nina, Myself (The Handsome Guest Waiter), Kai, Mary (Manager), Nesa & Fauzi

Kitchen Staff
Those who Cooked & Garnished
From Left: Danny (Owner/Chef), Murty (Chef), Morgan (Chef) & Norse (Guest Supervisor)
Missing: Jerry (Guest Kitchen Hand)

Tun Dr Mahat…


During my school experience in Clyde Quay School, i had the privilage of observing a peotry writing lesson.

The exercise: Finish a peom starting with "as the moon wakes".

I decided to write one too...
tell me wad u think!


As the moon wakes, all is silhouette
The lady is red appears in my head
I cant see her face but know does my heart
her beauty and grace is beyond disgrace

Oh do I long for beauty and grace
Oh how I desire to adore her face
Yet glimpses i get as short as a breath
of beauty and grace beyond disgrace

Her shiny hair flows like the oceans
Her glowing skin excites like a flame
You beckon for me yet meet we cannot
For all is silhouette, the girl of my dreams...

Released At Last!

4.30pm, Monday, 6th of November, was the time of great release...
The red sea of Trimester 2 was parted and the slaves were taken from slavery & captivity in the Egypt of chasing assignment deadlines & stupying for exams to freedom in the promise land of the well deserved holidays!

Before my release, I had...

1. Exam
Our first & last exam was at 9.30am on Monday, 30 October.
2 hr torture of "LING221: Sociolinguistics"

During the 2hrs...
I SPENT 30 mins of it in the toilet having relieving myself on the throne!
therefore, i did nt have the time to properly elaborate on my answers...
hoping for a B at least...

found out later that i cud actually ask for an aggregate pass or sumtin like that...
bt nah...
i think i will do better than a pass despite the circumstances!

Nesa looking more relieved after handing in the paper
than i looked when i came out of the toilet!

We crawled out of the lecture hall...
We werent alone...
2. School Experience
For two weeks, from …

Football: Malaysia vs Indonesia Friendly

Malaysia played Indonesia 3pm today at Rotterdam St Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand.

The Malaysian team in their cool bright orange jersy looked a little nervous playing away on Indonesian home ground. Malaysia trashed Indonesia last year on Malaysian home ground, the Boyd Wilson Stadium, but with a new line-up on both sides predicting the result is quite difficult.

In the first half, both teams had similar chances on goal & posession of the ball... and quite fairly there were no goals. The Malaysian team made a lot of mistakes as their unfamiliarity with the pitch stood out. Passess were too short, touches unclean & players hesitating... The Indonesians were naturally familiar with the grounds & were very active running around making tackles & intercepting passess. The first half ended with both teams needing rest from a half hour long contest.

The second half was a very different matter. The Indonesians seem to have lost their steam. Their players were not playing as …

B.Ed. TESOL Halloween & Farewell Party

Just a few hours ago the Victoria University of Wellington B.Ed. TESOL Cohort 2 completed a successful Halloween & Farewell Party at Tulsi Restaurant, Cuba Mall.

The purpose of the party was mainly to appreciate the Cohort 1 as well as celebrate their 2 years in Wellington with a great big bang!

The party was a great success partly because me, "RaaaaTak" the Mummy, was an amazing Master of Ceremony or Host of the party.
We started the night off with speeches from Vilo, Intan & Jonathan Newton. (In that order.)

Then, moved on to performances from Aimi, Fauzi & Afzan as well as Shiela & Mass while enjoying our entrees.

Then, we had our buffet dinner.

After dinner, each member of the Cohort 2 will give an assigned member of Cohort 1 a gift. Therefore, in the end, each of Cohort 1 gets a gift.
We also took the moment to acknowledge Kak Intan, Jai & Tasha for their contribution to the Cohort 2.

We began the end with a group photo session...

The Cohort 1


My First Raya In Wellington

How did i celebrate the famous & significant Malaysian/Muslim celebration?

The asian way... FOOD!!!!

I had food at the NZ Malaysian High Commission, organised by the High Commission on the evening of 25 October...
Food was from Satay Malaysia.
koko' rating:
4 out of 5 for really good everything but sucky satay.

The Hall Where The Event Was Held
Food Glorious Food!
Yes, I was in a Baju Melayu & Yes, I am infatuated with this girl...
Isn't she lovely?
I had food at the VUWSA (Victoria University of Wellington Student Assiciation) Union Hall, organised by the VUW B.Ed.TESOL Cohort 1 on 27 October...
Food was from Cohort 1 & 2.
koko' rating:
5 out of 5 for an excellent effort!

You would be amazed if you were there to see the turnout
& the foodstuff prepared!
I attened these above functions but I did not turn up at many invitations to open houses....
sorry guys...
but i bet u hada great time wifout me anyway!

you guys are jz amazing...
i am very honoured to have been …

My Summer Ideal: The Body of a Greek God

Taken from "Men's Health" - October 2006 Issue
This is my pre-summer jogging plan to achieve my ultimate summer ideal...
the body of a greek God!

Jogging plus a bit of crunching & stretching & weight-lifting at work...
will make this ideal within easy reach.

I'm started on 23 of October & will finish the 8 week plan on 14 of December...
I started Week 2 Today!


Feel free to adopt my plan!

Shugga Daddie Party Notice

The Shugga Daddy Party
:: We Be Pimpin' ::

Room 301, Cumberland House10 November 2006
(NOTICE: Postponed due to a clashing Farewell Dinner)

by Jarod :: da shugga daddy ::
& Nesa :: da PIMP ::

Admittance By Invitation Only! ------------------------- You will know if u r invited
when u r invited by
the shugga daddy, the PIMP or our henchmen.

The 99 Out Of 100

"Out of one hundred men, one will read the Bible, the other ninety-nine will read the Christian."
- D. L. Moody

A Tribute To Jessia: Kuching Can Beat Penang Anytime!

Jessica is an awesome friend...
She helped me arrange for the import of my current phone from Malaysia to NZ...
She encourages me when im down...
& she is still a good fren after soooooo long...

Now i love her even more because she has provided evidence to disprove wad all those west-side snobs hav been saying all this time...

Penang has the best food?
Westside is the best?
Not necessarily...
Check out her blog entry Kuching: The Place For Food!

Every part of Malaysia has got it's own specialty...
So suck up the pride & humble urself...
Enjoy the culture of others & share the glory!


My First Game of Mahjong!

After being curious about the game for a long long time...
I finally had the chance to learn the game last night (a few hours ago)!

However, i enjoyed being taught the game more than playing the game!
cz i got a really gorgeous teacher named Jenny!
I love her hair... wavy & long... i envy her...

Also she's jz adorable & gullible...
I pretended to be unable to read Chinese...
Pretended to be a klutsy fool...
Then, gav her a big shock when i won my very first game!

I got so attactched to the game that i went on playing for hours!
It was AWESOME!!!
(hehe... cz i won so many rounds!)

Many thanks to Ester Yap for arranging the wonderful after church get-together party!
Every1 hada blast...
even Jenny who is yt to win a round of Mahjong...