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A New Chapter Begins...

The year 2008 marks my return to Malaysia after 2 fulfilling years overseas studying in Wellington, New Zealand. I have returned from a land of green green pastures to a developing nation requiring my services in bringing the new generation forward in their thinking as well as in their ability to use the all so international English Langauge. ~~~~ At my age, I realise that my days are drawing short... Such a transition in life, from uni to pre-working life, will definately be accompanied by many many sleepless night wondering & pondering about the short & long term future that is drawing ever closer with each passing minute... Taken from I want every second to count... I want so much in my life... Am I able to be successful in my career? Will I be able to achieve my millionaire dream? How will I go about materialising that dream? Will I retain my honour & integrity? When will I get married? Who will be my bride? Will I be a good

My Futsal Mania

picture taken from Life back in my hometown is sweet... Free food... Free board... Free transport... Met up with old friends... Visited the good old favourite food spots... As well as some new ones... But best of all... I played lots and I mean LOTS of futsal ! Almost 2-3 times a week! It truly is a wonderful adaptation of the beautiful game... Scaling it down has made it more accessible to non-football players as well as more challenging for those who frequent the eleven a side game. I'm having a lovely time playing with different opponents as well as having different teammates in every game... Some times we work well together & have chemistry... Some times the team breaks down & we fail... Here is what a typical futsal game in Kuching , Malaysia is like: There are usually 3 teams. 5-6 players a side. 2 teams enter the court or pitch first and compete to stay in the court. The third team rests. In the court, the team that manages to scor