A New Chapter Begins...

The year 2008 marks my return to Malaysia after 2 fulfilling years overseas studying in Wellington, New Zealand.

I have returned from a land of green green pastures to a developing nation requiring my services in bringing the new generation forward in their thinking as well as in their ability to use the all so international English Langauge.

At my age, I realise that my days are drawing short...
Such a transition in life, from uni to pre-working life, will definately be accompanied by many many sleepless night wondering & pondering about the short & long term future that is drawing ever closer with each passing minute...

I want every second to count...
I want so much in my life...
Am I able to be successful in my career?
Will I be able to achieve my millionaire dream?
How will I go about materialising that dream?
Will I retain my honour & integrity?
When will I get married?
Who will be my bride?
Will I be a good husband & father?
Will I be able to raise my family well?
How will I be remembered?
Can I achieve my heart's desires?

I know not what I will be...
I fantasise of sweet success...
Yet the shadow of failure draws so much more attention...

I know what I want to be...
Examining my heart...
It is all laid before me...

Will I let what I dont know defeat me?
Will the fear of dissapointment prevent me from admitting the true desires of my heart?
Shall I deny what keeps me up at night & what keeps me going when I am down?

Never! I will not act upon what I dont know...
I shall act upon what I do know...
I will work towards my goals in hope of a life & a future...

A life of breakthrough...
A life of purpose...
A life with meaning & intrinsic value...

#Here is briefly some major short & long term desires of mine heart:
- Becoming a millionaire by 40
- Fall in love with my Chinese culture
- Working in Japan
- Visiting China
- Finding my woman
- Being a man for my woman
- Do my best in everything I choose to do

Will blog about them in the near future!

Listing my heart's desires down makes them more tangible and less abstract...
I believe this is the first step to attaining them.
I encourage you to probe for your hearts desires too!


  1. I think that questions are inevitable when we progress from phase to phase. Although I cannot say that questioning ourselves is wrong (neither can I say otherwise), I think we should press on for the better, and hope that tomorrow would be another brighter opportunity to excel. :)

    I understand that doubts somehow would creep to our minds, but it shouldn't be hindering us from experiencing the best in life. After all, wouldn't you want to, at the end of the day when you are lying on your death bed, look back, smile and give yourself a pat on your shoulder and say "Good job, dude"?

  2. Anonymous20/1/08 11:34

    Hello, I'm a retired teacher...and with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, I would think I had a fulfilling career, wouldn't want to give it up for anything else in the world...and I hope yours will be too. By now, you would have been posted to a school; are you the one in SMK Kindurong, Bintulu? Count ur blessings; ur friend, Nicholas (my ex-student) is in Selangau which isn't too far from Bintulu...but that's in the interior. Good luck in ur first year of teaching, God bless.

  3. I'm doing my practicals this year...
    Will be posted next year...
    Looking forward to the teaching profession because I know that I'll squeeze the best out of it...

    We'll see next year where I'm posted.
    In my opinion, geographical location is not important..
    All that's important is meeting my destiny.

    I dont want to go to a comfortable place & be just like everyone else...
    I'm willing to be uncomfortable to be unique.. to do something awesome.. to make a difference..

  4. "Fall in love with my Chinese culture"

    I can relate to this. For years I include this in my new year resolution...though I dont really know what for. To touchbase with my roots maybe? But I already love my culture - the food, the language etc. My only regret is not securing myself a Thai man earlier. Haha. Mom would be ecstatic if I were to settle down with someone of my own culture....but I seriously doubt so! Haha.

    "Finding my woman"

    I can relate to this as well =)
    Been single long enough. Time to be back in the game. (fingers crossed).

    All the best to us!


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