How To Fix Logitech Options Not Loading

I use a Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard at home & love it to bits. Very quiet & the tactile response is just perfect. Also, it's super small so easy to put away when I need to pile exam papers on my desk. Still, there's one small problem though... It is a compact keyboard so the multimedia buttons double as function keys. I use the function keys A LOT & it's really cumbersome for me to have to hold the "fn" button every time I want to use them. I.e., try pressing alt+fn+f4 with one hand. Thankfully, with the Logitech Options software, I can default to the function keys.

A few months ago, I was chagrined to learn that my keyboard had spontaneously returned to factory settings. "No problem", I thought. "I'll just change the settings in Logitech Options." Only to find that the app wouldn't load on my Windows 10 machine, resulting in the blank window you see screen-captured above. "Let me try reinstalling." Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Same thing. "@@!#@$%!%*@! FINE! I'll live with it!"

After a few months of wasting valuable seconds correcting mistaken entries & contorting my left hand like an adept yogi, I've had enough. I decided to dig deeper into the issue & find a fix. Like any good AI spambot, I trawled through online discussion after discussion listed on DuckDuckGo. It's surprising how many frustrated Logitech customers are still waiting for a fix, as there were complaints from as long as 3 years ago. Logitech really does know how to put together an excellent piece of hardware. However, they need to pay more attention to their software as well.

It was surprisingly difficult to find the astonishingly easy fix. Thanks, Miloslav Nepil, for the easy fix! It caused me so much pain that I felt compelled to share what I've learned so I can end your misery. Hope this is helpful to you!


1. Uninstall Logitech Options.
2. Download the latest version (mine was 8.10.154):
3. Run the installer & blindly agree to everything like you always do, EXCEPT select "NO THANKS" when prompted to "Help Us Improve Our Products" as shown below.

4. Logitech Options should work perfectly now! When you're exploring the app, just remember NOT to select "Help Logitech improve its products and services automatically" as shown below.

Thanks, Logitech for a life-lesson about technology. In your unique little psychopathic way, you've reminded me not to be so generous with my keystroke data & to stop being such a nice guy in the first place. You know what they say about nice guys...

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