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My Constant One Night Stands

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For a guy who's into long term relationships...
I somehow constantly end up in one night stands where I'm up all night working my mind and body on top of my cushioned chair or on my squeaky bed and sometimes even on the warm wooden parquet in my room...

I tried starting it for a week or occasionally even a month!
But I am unable to maintain a good level of commitment...
I unconciously avoid or stay away until the very last minute & when it cannot be delayed any longer, I end it all after a loooong, tiring but goooood night...

Am I a bad person?
I care...
But I don't want to put too much effort into it because I don't think that it is of the utmost importance...
There are many other things for me to divide my attention on in my busy life!
I have my friends, my professional development, events to organise, events to MC, football & my family!

Is it wrong to have one night stands?
As long as I do a good job, right?

Who Would Love A Guy Like Me?

Who would love a guy like me?
One day at a local club two good friends were talking about relationships.
A: How long have you been single?
B: 2 years.
A: Why so long? I'm sure many girls would love to be with you!
B: No they won't.
A: Yes they will! Ok, look... I'll give you RM100 if you manage to dance with that girl over there. Another RM100 if you go home with her tonight and another RM100 if you guys become steady.
B: Haha... I appreciate what you're doing, bro... but I'm not like that... Anyway, who would love a guy like me? *thinks for a moment* But for your sake, I'll prove my point.

He walks up to a girl at another corner of the bar. A hot young lady who he noticed has been checking him out...
B: Hello! What's your name?
C: Claire.
B: Clarie! Nice to meet you! Ok, I need your opinion on something if you don't mind...
C: Sure, what is it?
B: Would you love a guy like me?
C: Ah, of course! *laughs*
B: *laughs* Thanks for bring so sporting! But se…

MTCP Cultural Afternoon (April 2008)

On Monday I was once again MC for a large scale IPBA event.
This time it was for the MTCP Cultural Afternoon.
My partner was a shy Nishya who was uncomfortable at first but, half-way through the event, she picked herself up & ended the event with great confidence. Because of that, I think she did really well as an MC that day & will continue to do so in future events.

MTCP = Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme
The MTCP participants are professionals in the education system from select countries around the world brought to Malaysia, given a hefty allowance, sent on tours around Malaysia & of course, made to attend a fun & simple course on the latest English language teaching research.
They were a group of 25 ppl that originated from countries like Bhutan, Kosovo, Oman, Sudan & Philipines.
And last Monday, they had to present an aspect of their cultures to the students & lecturers of IPBA.

giving a last minute briefing before the event begins
to minimise conf…

Our Three Kittens

In a previous post, I told the story of an abandoned and pregnant female being accepted into my apartment & cared for by my housemates.
She gave birth to 5 kittens.
However, she soon became a threat to the welfare of her kittens...
She never let go of her old partying ways... not even for her children... she was constantly out late looking for one night stands, feeding scavanged food to the kittens & bringing back fleas.
She was even eating the food we allocated for the kittens!
She is as bad a parent as Britney Spears is!
**tisk **tisk

After the kittens were old enough to have solid food, we decided to break the bold between mother & child.
2 weeks ago, the mother left for her usual "night out" & we prevented her from coming in.
She hasn't returned since & the children have became stronger.
Not long after that, they stopped depending on their mother's milk & started to adapt to the quality food Nas, my housemate, provides.
However, the cost …

When Did I Become So Needy?

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I need a woman in my life
her touch embrace
the smell of her hair
the twinkle in her eyes
the warmth in her arms

the intimacy of intercourse
dancing with each other
breathing sighs of pleasure
tantric as we join together

I want her to touch me & mean it
I want her to kiss me & mean it
I want her to enjoy me & mean it
I want her to love me & mean it

I need a woman so much
yet unable to settle for just any of such
I need to know that she's my soul
One look is all it takes

I am incomplete
I am needy
I am searching, yearning
I am a man without his woman

City of koko'

Today I discovered a website, My Mini City, with a very cute idea!
What you do is you create your own city & promote it to your friends.
You dont get to control what goes on in your city nor can you build anything in your city.
The development of the city is totally out of your control.
The city develops as people visit the website of your city.

And so I created City of koko'
Visit it at:

Do visit once a day to help the city grow!

Visit To An Award-Winning School

Today I paid a visit to an award-winning sm@rt school as a field trip for my Professional Development course.
This school is a sm@rt school that was awarded sekolah cemerlang & sekolah harapan negara in 2007 & is therefore one of the best schools in Malaysia!

I say, what a brilliant idea to send us to this school to expose us to an excellent school's way of doing things!

The B.Ed.TESL Cohort 2 Secondary-School-Teachers-to-be got on 2 buses & left KL for Putrajaya early in the morning.

After arriving at the school, were taken to a large meeting room where we were shown an impressive multimedia presentation, produced by LimKokWing University, on the school's profile.
It was followed by a very disappointing automated PowerPoint presentation, on the school's achievements, which was very obviously needs to improve their choice of accompanying music & color coordination.

Then, there was a Q&A session where I asked the heads of the school to sum up, in a phras…

IPBA's 2008 English Language Day

Today I was MC for both the opening & the closing ceremonies for the International Languages Teacher Training Institute's 2008 English Language Day.

The opening ceremony was a breeze because I wrote the script & it was my natural way of describing things & leading the progression of a ceremony.
But that only brings me half way...
To really have a natural & smooth MC performance, I need a partner with the same desire for wit & spontaneity...
We need to have chemistry!
And I had all the chemistry I needed and more!
Aimi, I'm a better man when I'm with you!

However, the closing ceremony was the direct opposite.
It was challenging & it really pushed my ability as a Master of Ceremony to its limits.
I only got to know that I had to take this role the day before.
I had less than 24 hours to look through the script, written by someone else, and personalise it.
I did not attend any rehearsals, so I had no idea what was going to happen during the ceremony…