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2012 School Activity Photos

Hey guys, I won't be writing anything much this weekend except to inform you that I am currently in the process of uploading to my FB Page photos of all the school activities I was involved in this year. After that, I will upload photos from past years in the order of 2011, 2010 & 2009. MY MISSION: Finish the 2012 activity photos by this weekend! YOSH!!! Do check them out here  or ! If you see something you like, do feel free to LIKE. If you see yourself or your friends, do feel free to TAG. If you see something that causes you to think, do share in the COMMENTS. Check it! =)

Making Friends As A Young Adult

BFFs I remember when I was young I made friends with everyone and anyone. I was genuinely colour/status/religious/socio-economic/pecking order blind. I rarely saw the flaws in other people & could see a lot of good in everybody. I worked on clicking with other people & doing things that we could enjoy together. I just genuinely enjoyed the company of other people & enjoyed learning about different perspectives. I guess during that time, everyone was in school & everyone had something in common: bad teachers, good teachers, hot school girls, hot teachers, bloody exams, favourite subjects, confusing subjects, music, movies, computer games, sports, football & so on. We were probably less reserved back then & were more willing to share anything about ourselves with people we barely knew. We also had more time to spend with each other & just hangout. best buddies from uni Fast forward to university & everything was still good. It was the same

Muhhibah Visit From SMK Song

A month ago, the only other Secondary School in our district, SMK Song, paid us a Muhhibah visit. 50+ teachers from SMK Song came in boats & motorcycles to play a few sports games against our teachers. Unfortunately, that was a weekend where a large majority of our 40+ teachers including our principal were not around. In fact, there were only 10-15 teachers around. Still, it didn't hinder us from having a good time. In the morning, we arranged for Netball & Volleyball. Most of the teachers played volleyball. We gave every teacher a chance to play & supported them regardless of their abilities. I played a few games too. I'm not very good but I did have a good time. We have around 10 female teachers in our school but, during that weekend, none of them stayed back. So we arranged for the students to play netball against the female teachers from SMK Song. Unfortunately, only 4 female teachers came from SMK Song so we mixed the teams up with both males & f