Friday, July 13

Liberty Island | Walk With Me In NYC | SMK Beaufort 3, Sabah

Take a walk with me on Liberty Island, New York City!

Dedicated to the students of SMK Beaufort 3 in Sabah, who voted for the landmark, here's another video in the Walk With Me In NYC series!

In this video, I take you on a walking tour of Liberty Island & share with you the most recognized landmark in the world, the Statue of Liberty.

Wednesday, July 4

Mid Central Park | Walk With Me In NYC | SMK Bandar Baru Uda, Johor

Take a walk with me in Mid Central Park, New York City!
Dedicated to the students of SMK Bandar Baru Uda in Johor, who voted for the landmark, here's another video in the Walk With Me In NYC series!

In this video, I take you on a walking tour & show you various landmarks in Mid Central Park: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park Reservoir, Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, & Belvedere Castle.

Monday, July 2

The Stole: Leaving A Legacy At Columbia University

This is a story of a stole. More specifically, the stole (in the colors of Malaysia) which I wore for my graduation ceremony at Columbia University in 2017. Out of the 12k+ graduating in 2017, I know of only 4 Malaysians. That's around only 0.003%! We are very few & far between! I am very proud of my national heritage, as my educational attainment at this ivy league institution has a lot to do with the preparation provided to me by the public school & higher education systems in Malaysia. Also, my multicultural & multilingual country has had a lot to do with my ability to assimilate & thrive in this foreign culture.

Therefore, at my graduation, I wanted my country to be represented, seen, & recognized at one of the top universities of the world. I wore my love for Malaysia on my shoulders that day & walked with my head held high, a person from a developing nation standing shoulder to shoulder with those from developed nations, as equals.

After graduation, I was going to bring my graduation robe home, so I could use it as a prop to motivate my future students. However, the Malaysian stole deserved so much more. It was made with quality materials & crafted with skill. The colors were deep, beautiful, & worthy of representing Malaysia at the highest international level! Also, I paid a good sum for it after expending so much effort in an extensive search. It should not be kept in a dark closet for the rest of its life. It should be allowed to shine again & again & again.

Sunday, July 1

Farewell Celebration With High Beginner | AMPHS

Celebrated the end of the academic year with my High Beginner ESOL class from AMPHS with lots of cultural food & reflecting on what they've learned during the semester. I also made sure that they planned what they would do during the summer to retain & build on all that they've learned. Otherwise, they'd forget everything during the 3 month break! 😠

We had plenty of sweet memories together. 😍 We trained for a Choral Speaking performance (here's the video), & had field trips to the Statue of Liberty 🗽, the Museum of the City of New York, & Sunset Park Brooklyn Library 📚. The class also had weekly Duolingo assignments, read 2 books/month, & made vocabulary cards every week 📇.

Thank you, students, for staying with this strict teacher throughout the semester! I really enjoyed our time together! Keep practicing your English! Do visit me in Malaysia!

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