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That Look You Get When (Some) People Find Out You're A Teacher

On the rare occasion that I'm invited to speak at an event, I dress accordingly. I like to think that I dress well for these events. I mean, I try 2-3 different outfit combinations & ask my wife, who's busy doing her eyes, if I look "speaker-ish". She'd glance away from her round cosmetic mirror for a quick look & always have great suggestions from my limited collection. I am after all a teacher, not a fashion model. Sometimes I do wish that stores will give me free clothes for me to promote on Instagram. I really don't mind tight body-hugging clothing & exposing some of muh man boobs. **sizzle** If you run a fashion label, do holla at me, y'alls! So I went to this event, right, &, of course, the VVIPs, they spoke first. These VVIPs had their entourage & all following them everywhere like rats following the pied piper. Unfortunately, lunch was at the cafe on the ground floor so, even though, the speakers got to leave first with the VV