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The Day I Got 1000 Likes On FB

Wowzies! An amazing milestone for a jungle teacher. On 31 July 2012, I created an FB Page . I did it because I felt people wanted to hear my opinion & see what I'm doing in the jungle. At times, a few people would be asking me the same thing at the same time. I'm not that patient to explain everything to them bit by bit. I'd rather say, go read this link. lol. It would also be an awesome portfolio for my work & a bite-sized complement to my blog where I am more elaborate than many are willing to read. lol. Initially, I wanted it to be a place I could share some short & sweet quips on current issues as well as a storehouse for all  my activity photos  since 2012. (I will upload photos from 2009-2011 when FB comes up with a more user-friendly upload interface for large amount of pictures. At the moment, it is a pain to upload large volumes of photos AND arrange it chronologically.) Nowadays, my page has evolved into a live discussion & a platform for

La Naissance de l'Étalon Blanc et le #1ManConvoy

**copy the title to Google Translate , click the 'listen' button & lol as you try to follow!** The first time I blogged about my bike, I tricked people into thinking that I had a girlfriend both on my blog & in real life. It was funny at first & I had many good laughs. But now that people are starting to refer to my bike with intimate female companion names like wife/girlfriend, i.e. "are you riding your wife to Sibu?" or "I want to see your girlfriend", it's not funny any more. It makes me feel like a lonely old man with too much money to spend so he buys an expensive toy & make it his companion. Wait, that really DOES sound a lot like me. lol. It's probably time I got a REAL girlfriend & maybe a wife, no? Meanwhile, I'm going to risk my life in the noble cause of manoeuvring the bumpy, meandering & deadly asphalt pathways to teach unfortunate & displaced children deep in the remote jungles of Borneo. A roman

Please Don't Call Me Sir

Often times, people would call me 'sir' out of respect. Not because they know me or the work I've done but just because they are such lovely people who hold the teaching profession at high esteem. Either that or they are impressed by the way I carry myself. I say, how splendid! Now hand me your wallets & cellphones! I believe this honour to have originated from the norms of the good ol' British education system. However, it might be a tad too old fashioned for my taste & an exaggeration of the greatest proportions. Whenever, people address me as a 'sir', I feel like this laddie here... Still very dashing & sharply dressed, no? Call me insecure, but I do not feel like I have earned that respectful term. It is the mother of pearl. The pinnacle of all names. Alas, I feel that it is not for me. Oh, no. I think it would be a more appropriate term for teachers who have achieved something great & attained a level of seniority like fine wine..