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Lollipop Logic

It's been a while since I've blogged. Mostly due to the non existence of internet at school, weekends where I have to stay at school for hostel activities as well as more important things I need to take care of first. Now that Internet is back (been back for more than a week already actually), I wanted to blog about something else but after reading heated exchanges on Facebook on Bersih 3.0, there was an interesting comment from someone that I'd like to address here. If you're asking, no I did not take part in Sarawak's Bersih 3.0. (I read about gatherings in Kuching, Sibu & Miri.) And no, I was not wearing yellow. I was in the jungle this whole weekend overseeing the Hostel Games. (I might blog about that. Might.) I was actually wearing Blue: the colour of my team. I had a great time & so did my students but I did keep abreast with what my fellow countrymen were doing far far away. I am a teacher & I am strictly professional. I will try my best