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Webinar: What I Learned about Education Disparity on a Train Across the USA

Look at me waving my jedi hand at the attendees. This was my first webinar ever! **gasp** **wipes tears** Note to self: Get a HD webcam for future webinars. Get a haircut too.      In a nutshell, I talked about: 1) My train journey across the US. 2) What I learned. 3) How the topic relates to Malaysia. As promised , here's a recording of the webinar :   Feel free to use the Discus board below if you have any questions! Here are the sides I used :

I'm the International Student Senator @ Teachers College, Columbia University

Thank you, fellow students at Teachers College! It is an honor to be your elected International Student Senator for 2016/2017. Honestly,  I didn't expect to be elected as all 10 candidates are true contenders with something unique to bring to the table. I will do my best to serve both the internationals & US students at TC. Our interests are not mutually exclusive, inclusiveness benefits all. As promised when I announced my candidacy , I will use the resources afforded to my office as International Student Senator to: improve the way that international students are included & engaged with at TC; become accepted & empowered members of our new community connect international students with local students, unique experiences in NYC, & awesome food places, as well as give back to the gem right under our noses, Harlem; ensure that none of us to come to TC & leave as the same person; and make our time here as enriching as possible.

Vote Jarod Yong For International Student Senator

Students of Teachers College, click here to vote! Voting Period - September 19-22, 2016     I am competing with 10 other people for International Student Senator of the Student Senate of Teachers College , Columbia University. I've read all the entries & found that everyone is a true contender with something unique to bring to the table. Honestly, I'm no politician & you don't have to vote for me. I just want you to participate in students politics (after all, you're funding this through your school fees) & vote for whoever you think will be a great students representative & be able to inclusively synergise with the greater TC community to enhance the TC experience for everyone, regardless of whether one's international or domestic. If you are so inclined, vote for me here & help tip the odds in my favour by sharing this with your friends on social media. Once I am in office, I will do my best to truly represent & unite the student

I'll Be Delivering A Free Webinar on Education Disparity in the US

So excited to be speaking together with Mr Mohana Murugiah, an awesome teacher who used to teach in Sarawak & has gone on to make an impact as an educator.            I recently traveled across the US on a train to meet with nonprofits & education advocacy groups in 5 different cities. I've learned a great deal about the education disparities that exist in the US & I will share my insights as well as field questions during this webinar by TEDBET of MELTA . To sign up, send "I Want to BeEP With MELTA" to . Register by Sept 22, 2016.