Monday, September 5

I'll Be Delivering A Free Webinar on Education Disparity in the US

So excited to be speaking together with Mr Mohana Murugiah, an awesome teacher
who used to teach in Sarawak & has gone on to make an impact as an educator.
I recently traveled across the US on a train to meet with nonprofits & education advocacy groups in 5 different cities. I've learned a great deal about the education disparities that exist in the US & I will share my insights as well as field questions during this webinar by TEDBET of MELTA.

To sign up, send "I Want to BeEP With MELTA" to Register by Sept 22, 2016.

Webinar details:
Title: "What I've Learned About Education Disparity On A Train Across The USA"
Date: Sept 24, 2016
Time: 10-11AM (UTC +8, Kuala Lumpur)
Organiser: TEDBET, MELTA

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