I'll Be Delivering A Free Webinar on Education Disparity in the US

So excited to be speaking together with Mr Mohana Murugiah, an awesome teacher
who used to teach in Sarawak & has gone on to make an impact as an educator.
I recently traveled across the US on a train to meet with nonprofits & education advocacy groups in 5 different cities. I've learned a great deal about the education disparities that exist in the US & I will share my insights as well as field questions during this webinar by TEDBET of MELTA.

To sign up, send "I Want to BeEP With MELTA" to beep@melta.org.my. Register by Sept 22, 2016.

Webinar details:
Title: "What I've Learned About Education Disparity On A Train Across The USA"
Date: Sept 24, 2016
Time: 10-11AM (UTC +8, Kuala Lumpur)
Organiser: TEDBET, MELTA

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