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Featured in The Star - 30 May 2012

Note: click on the picture to read the article I just arrived in KK from the Philippines when I received a text from a good friend of mine exclaiming, "You are a star!" Bewildered, I replied with a "What?!". About a week ago, I answered an email interview from a journalist at The Star, Mdm Tan EeLoo. This is her article about me. I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. The adjectives & descriptions are her own opinions of me & my work. When I got home to Kuching, I flipped open my dad's copy of the newspaper. Lo & behold, there I was in colour! I look so good... Photoshop really does wonders. You can also read it online here . In the larger photo is my colleague, Royston Sihas, who is a work machine completing tasks & assignments like a robot on steroids giving 100 & 10 percent all the time! I have grown to appreciate & welcome his presence in our struggle for literacy amongst the students. We are like-minded when it comes to our pro

Happy Teacher's Day To Me! I Got APC!

taken from It's funny. When I had a lot of work to do, very few wanted to help me. Now that I've got APC & $1000, SO MANY want to help me. Nope. They still don't want to help me work. They actually want to help me do the hardest thing of all... BELANJA THEM! Reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen . Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cermerlang might be a meaningless, overrated & turn-based award other laureates don't have to break a sweat over. But for me, it is the recognition of my trading in the best 4 years of my life for overexertion doing who-cares-what in the middle of nobody-knows-where. I worked very hard & I earned every bit of it from the years of tears, blood & sweat. Anyway, I'm only going to belanja those who've suffered with me along the way. The haters & lazers won't even get the crumbs. Those who have supported me & suffered with me throughout the years: Clement Chieng, Florin Peter, ChaiYee, Brown Jantom, Z

Hostel Olympics 2012: Games @ SMK Katibas

I've never shared this event on my blog before & since it's a big event organised by the smallest but most hardworking board of the school, I thought I should pay tribute to the effort put in by a few key individuals with big hearts. Not enough is being done by the system to recognise small people who actually do things that make a big difference. They usually endorse big events with big budgets that bear little fruit. Doesn't make sense? Well, think of it as a big shiny rug where all the **** gets swept under. I could go on & on but that's not important. Life goes on & somebody has got to be the mule. Some people have the yoke forced on them. Very few choose to grab the yoke & put it on themselves. Are they fools for doing so? Ask the students. ~~~~~ Background Information Our school has never had Sports Day & since every student is a hostel student, the incumbent Chief Warden took the initiative to organise a sports event for the stude

Earth Hour 2012 @ SMK Katibas

Most of my readers will remember the Earth Hour event I conducted personally last year . Following its success, I decided to have another this year. This time, I delegated it to one of my wardens. He did a good job where the students enjoyed themselves but he could have done more to raise awareness on environmental issues. Well, that's just knit-picking. I should be glad when anything gets done outside office hours at my school! Anyway, I'll let the pictures do more of the sharing! Earth Hour Concert All the students were gathered into a hall to sing songs & listen to our Katibas Idol winners belt out of a few ballads. Night & Day After I became Chief Warden, I'd usually drop my DSLR into the hands of a student & tell him/her to knock him/herself out. The results were usually... horrible... esp the framing. No creativity at all! Also, there would be an excess of vanity shots (portraits of other students) instead of event shots. Kids... typic