Earth Hour 2012 @ SMK Katibas

Most of my readers will remember the Earth Hour event I conducted personally last year.
Following its success, I decided to have another this year. This time, I delegated it to one of my wardens.
He did a good job where the students enjoyed themselves but he could have done more to raise awareness on environmental issues.
Well, that's just knit-picking. I should be glad when anything gets done outside office hours at my school!

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do more of the sharing!

Earth Hour Concert
All the students were gathered into a hall to sing songs & listen to our Katibas Idol winners belt out of a few ballads.

Night & Day
After I became Chief Warden, I'd usually drop my DSLR into the hands of a student & tell him/her to knock him/herself out.
The results were usually... horrible... esp the framing. No creativity at all!
Also, there would be an excess of vanity shots (portraits of other students) instead of event shots. Kids... typical.
I took the low-light shots personally. They turned out magnificent!

Students loved the candles & enjoyed themselves tremendously.
At 8pm, the school generators were switched off for an hour.
The students were given a candle each & divided into 4 groups.
Their task was to arrange themselves into a large icon for 1Malaysia.
And I thought this was an Earth Hour event? hahaha~~~

I noticed that the group with the academically weakest students were able to listen to their leader & they finished way before the others.
The group with the academically better students had difficulty following instructions & some showed unhappiness that their ideas were not accepted. Ego.
That's why teachers enjoy teaching weaker students. They are willingly malleable.
Smarter students think that they know everything. You have to twist their arms to teach them. Not mutually enjoyable.

The 4 Groups
This was the result. Pretty impressive, eh?
The important thing was that the students had a blast & every student had a chance to participate!
Kudos to the organising teacher, Asraf.

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