Friday, June 18

Kuching: Top 3 Places To Watch World Cup

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Unlike KL with its many 24hr Mamak restaurants, Kuching's Kopi Tiams are less industrious.
Most eateries in Kuching close by 12pm even with the World Cup on.
What can a person with a Sport-less Astro & friends who have to work in the morning do if he wants to enjoy the 2.30am matches?

They'll do what I have been doing... go out in search of the best places to watch the beautiful game.
I've driven through most of Kuching city early in the morning for the past week to bring to you a list of top 3 places to watch the World Cup.

Venues were selected based on the following criteria:
Big Screen - Don't want a bloody TV. Might as well stay home!
Crowd - Who wants to watch football alone?
Food - It's late & mommy is sleeping. I'm hungry.
Atmosphere - I need to feel like I'm at the stadium in South Africa.

#3 M2 Food Court, Jalan Song 
Biggest Screen, Worst Atmosphere
If you have a large group of varsity friends or teachers (who are still on holiday btw), this is the place to be.
It has the largest screen you'll find in Kuching & plenty of tables.
There is only a burger stall open at 2.30am but the burgers are awesome!
The atmosphere is bad because there are less people here & the volume of the telecast is too low for total immersion.

#2 - Siang Siang Corner, 3rd Mile 
Best Atmosphere & Food, Small Screens
If you've got the munchies at 2.30am & you want more than just a slab of meat in between 2 buns, this coffee shop is the place to be.
It has got Chicken Rice, Kolo Mee, Kueh Chap & etc available at even 2.30am!
The area is small so the small screens are close enough for good viewing & the combined volume of the 6 tvs around the coffee shop really puts you in the mood!

#1 - Premier 101 Food Area 
Big Elevated Screen, Good Crowd
The best will have to go to this coffee shop.
The elevated big screen means everyone will be able to enjoy the game, it manages to always pull a crowd (even at 2.30am) & there is a Western Cuisine stall open for a fattening French Fries indulgence.
Plenty of seats for big groups & singles who prefer to sit alone (like me).
My only complaint is the volume of the game is too soft. Crank it up, dude!

I hope you've found this guide useful.
Do leave a comment if you've found better!

Forza Italia!

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Monday, June 7

Careful What You Say To The Press (Esp If You Mention Sex)

I usually won't bother with writing about tabloid-ish articles from our #1 most read newspaper but this one really ticks me off.
I've got more important things to do like boycotting every Israel-linked consumer product in protest of the commando attacks, eating all the roti canai & kolo mee I can before subsidies are removed & betting legally on England losing the world cup.

A few days ago, I read this in the news (Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex), laughed out loud &, after some thought, shook my head in disappointment.
After receiving a Tokoh NILAM award I believe it was to recognise his outstanding achievements in extensive reading & not his achievements in education as reported in the newspaper, a teacher attributes his energy of being active in school activities to having sex with his wife every night.
The press had a good time with his statement.
They didn't even mention why or how he deserved the award.
I dropped this memory into the Recycling Bin of my brain because his method was moronic, pathetic & prehistoric.

I was happily living my sexless life so sad... until I read this in the news (Don’t read too much into hubby’s book and sex story, says wife).
The wife & children have stepped up to defend the teacher's statement by calling it "honest".
However, as a BM teacher & a person who has read 1000+ books, he should have been able to articulate it better.

I think this was probably what happened at the award ceremony.
First, the press asked him how he found time to read the 1000+ books he had at home.
He probably said that every night he reads one with his wife & have intellectual conversations.
Then, he probably made a cheeky joke about having sex later.
The reporters had a good laugh & may or may not have led him to elaborate on how the nightly sex has helped him stay energetic at work & all the raunchy stuff that you see in the first article.
Now, as in the latest article, his family has to come in to salvage his reputation.

As a teacher myself, I am very embarrassed by this article.
The prestige & perceived professionalism of the teaching profession has just been brought down a notch.
I don't want to be associated with having sex every night.

I want to be associated with passion, determination & following the heart.
Such values inspire people & especially students to reach greater heights in life.

Besides, you don't have to have sex every night to be energetic at work.
If you enjoy your work & are passionate about making a difference, you will naturally be energetic.
No need coffee. No need tongkat ali. No need sex.
Just pure natural endorphins, adrenaline & sheer determination.

I wish that he had been less honest but more wise with his choice of words.
Why read & have nightly intellectual conversations before sex when you do not use your intellectual conversation skills when it matters most?

We all have something to learn from this...

Teachers, either don't talk to the press or be careful what you say to the press (especially if you mention sex).

Thursday, June 3

Air Conditioning & Malaysians

It is really ridiculous when someone talks about how important the environment is & raves on about what he did during Earth Hour just to retreat to the nearest air conditioning unit after speaking & breathe a sigh of relief after turning it on to its highest setting.

Suddenly, I realise that Malaysians are ADDICTED to Air-Con!
At schools, too hot cannot study so use the fan to the max.
At tuition, must have air-con or cannot study.
At work, we need the air-con or we cannot work.
At home, we must on the air-con or cannot sleep la.

We will choose the most air-conditioned path to our destinations.
We will often rush from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building.
We pant & fan ourselves in our 2 layer designer clothes after escaping the harsh tropical heat into an air-conditioned heaven & watch in wide-eyed admiration as a drenched & baked AngMoh dressed in simple shorts & singlet walks past outside.

Air conditioning has become a necessary part of our lives & there is nothing wrong with that.
I am a fellow Malaysian & a fellow victim of the unbearable heat.
However, the air-con is an energy guzzling machine so we need to be mindful of how we use it.

Some Malaysians like to sleep in a freezing room with a thick duvet/blanket.
Are you trying to preserve meat in your room?
Or do you want to experience winter?
Please don't waste. Save the money on your electricity bill for an actual trip.

If you are in your study or living room & the air-con is too cold for you to be comfortable without 2 layers of clothing, turn it down.
In your bedrooms, tune your air-con to a comfortably cool temperature & keep it there for the rest of the night or, even better, set it to turn off after a few hours.

It's time we put all this talk about energy conservation, going green, loving our environment, carbon dioxide emission reduction, karma & so on into action in our daily lives.
We are after all borrowing this earth from the future generation.

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