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2006 Champions Deserve To Lose


Kuching: Top 3 Places To Watch World Cup

taken from Unlike KL with its many 24hr Mamak restaurants, Kuching's Kopi Tiams are less industrious. Most eateries in Kuching close by 12pm even with the World Cup on. What can a person with a Sport-less Astro & friends who have to work in the morning do if he wants to enjoy the 2.30am matches? They'll do what I have been doing... go out in search of the best places to watch the beautiful game. I've driven through most of Kuching city early in the morning for the past week to bring to you a list of top 3 places to watch the World Cup. Venues were selected based on the following criteria: Big Screen - Don't want a bloody TV. Might as well stay home! Crowd - Who wants to watch football alone? Food - It's late & mommy is sleeping. I'm hungry. Atmosphere - I need to feel like I'm at the stadium in South Africa. #3 M2 Food Court, Jalan Song   Biggest Screen, Worst Atmosphere If you have a large group of varsity fr

Careful What You Say To The Press (Esp If You Mention Sex)

I usually won't bother with writing about tabloid-ish articles from our #1 most read newspaper but this one really ticks me off. I've got more important things to do like boycotting every Israel-linked consumer product in protest of the commando attacks, eating all the roti canai & kolo mee I can before subsidies are removed & betting legally on England losing the world cup. A few days ago, I read this in the news ( Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex ), laughed out loud &, after some thought, shook my head in disappointment. After receiving a Tokoh NILAM award I believe it was to recognise his outstanding achievements in extensive reading & not his achievements in education as reported in the newspaper , a teacher attributes his energy of being active in school activities to having sex with his wife every night. The press had a good time with his statement. They didn't even mention why or how he deserved the award. I dropped this memory

Air Conditioning & Malaysians

taken from It is really ridiculous when someone talks about how important the environment is & raves on about what he did during Earth Hour just to retreat to the nearest air conditioning unit after speaking & breathe a sigh of relief after turning it on to its highest setting. Suddenly, I realise that Malaysians are ADDICTED to Air-Con! At schools, too hot cannot study so use the fan to the max. At tuition, must have air-con or cannot study. At work, we need the air-con or we cannot work. At home, we must on the air-con or cannot sleep la. We will choose the most air-conditioned path to our destinations. We will often rush from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building. We pant & fan ourselves in our 2 layer designer clothes after escaping the harsh tropical heat into an air-conditioned heaven & watch in wide-eyed admiration as a drenched & baked AngMoh dressed in simple shorts & singlet walks past outside.