Wednesday, August 27

SPM English Literature Component

Hey teachers!
This is something I wished existed on the internet since a long long time ago...
The SPM English literature component (2010) in plain text for easy cut & paste! I've even typed out the 2 short stories!
This will be very useful for setting exam papers... Enjoy!!
Say thank you & remember to share if you find this useful!!!

Thursday, August 21

My CPT Results

liulian runtuh oh!
Dear English language teachers!
If you're like me, as in you have no clue what your CPT results are, I have good news for you! You can now check if you've got C1 or C2 here (!!
If you've got a A1-B2, your name will not appear in the list on the site.

This website was released early this week & already on the very day itself, this jungle teacher has received more than 5 notifications about it! BEFORE 8AM!!! Talk about an affective & efficient cascading model for the dissemination of knowledge amongst education professionals!
I've even had a strange lady spam my FB page for me to reveal my results! Thankfully, I removed the unsightly posts & will satisfy her curiosity here tonight!

Sunday, August 10

Saya Guru Tak Cemerlang

This is a story I want to share because I think there are hundreds if not thousands of teachers out there who are working very hard but getting little or no recognition for their work. My disappointment is nothing compared to theirs. I'm lucky to at least have an audience & a platform for sharing. It's good that I don't get everything because it keeps me humble & fighting for what is right.

This blog post is dedicated to the teachers out there who are slaving it out for their students & loving it while at the same time alienated from the system which is supposed to reward them. They are fabulous enough to flip their hair aside haughtily at such ignorance & remember what is important to them.

As you know from a previous blog post, I applied for GC. The purpose of this award was to recognise truly exemplary teachers. However, not all who are awarded are exemplary. I wanted to change this disappointing fact so I made my first attempt this year. If I was successful, I wanted to teach other exemplary teachers how to do it for themselves because I want the best people to be GCs. However, I don't think that this is something I'll be able to do in the short-term because, apparently, saya guru tak cemerlang.

Monday, August 4

An English Language Comic Book From The Jungle

A few months ago, I caught a glimpse of an impressive piece of anime art a student of mine drew in his journal. I complimented him on it & he was delighted. Pretty soon he was showing me other pieces of really impressive art he did on his own. I felt really impressed & touched that he would share this with me. I feel that he is like a little spark in the middle of nowhere. I never expected such artistic talent from my jungle school students.

This experience left me wondering how I could help students with such talents showcase it & get it out there into the world for everyone to enjoy. I want him to develop his talent, be proud of it & use it to do good for the community.

An idea came to me as I was discussing an English Language Newspaper for my school (will blog about this very soon) with my selected newspaper dream team. I thought of including a hand-drawn comic strip in the monthly newspaper. As I discussed the idea with the newspaper team, they told me that there were at least 4 students with extraordinary drawing skills. After the meeting, I gathered these students & asked if they were interested in having a publication of their own: an English language comic book. They lit up & immediately got to work.

My team of talented artists.
I will talk about my reasons for wanting to produce an English language comic book for my students in a following blog post. For now, let me share the 1st edition of our school's comic book. Enjoy!

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