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My Cambridge Placement Test

They weren't joking about the computer giving you tasks according to your ability.      I took the Cambridge Placement Test at the ungodly hour of 1am because that was the only time of the day the internet at my school was guaranteed to be speedy. Yes, you need a good internet connection for the large audio files & the flash application you need to download.      I wanted to be the first to take it so I could share it with my fellow kiasu teachers. Admit it. You want to get an A just like what you preach to your students every day. Therefore, let me share my experience & tips with you. With that, I hope that you'll do better than I did. Basic Requirements #1 YOU MUST USE IE (Internet Explorer) . The test requires scripts to be run through IE on your computer to block off your clipboard & who knows what else. Cut & paste is such a powerful tool for cheating. They wouldn't want people to cheat on messengers now, would they? #2 Make sure you've go

Taklimat Pelaksanaan KOMSAS BI Ting 3 @ Song District

the moment you realise you're not going to have it easy after all      Last Friday morning, I conducted the "Taklimat Pelaksanaan KOMSAS BI Ting 3" for the Song district. My first outside my school! It's basically a briefing for the new Form 3 literature component freshly implemented this year. I attended a similar briefing in November last year in preparation for this.      I know it's a little late. Actually, very late because PMR is only just around the corner. I was supposed to conduct this workshop after receiving a letter from the PPD but the letter never came. Either the orders did not arrive from JPN or... you know la.     So I decided to be proactive & I made arrangements with the PPD more than a month ago to have this workshop organised. After waiting a month & not receiving a confirmation letter or calling letter for my colleagues, I was alarmed & I immediately followed up. Not once. Not twice. But 3 times.      Finally, last Monday,

Single & Desperate

     That is the cold hard truth. I have been single for 2 years & counting. Not enjoying it though. Honestly, I would love to have an attractive woman wrapped around my arms to share my most intimate thoughts. I do want to be married & I do want to have children.      It's especially hard to accept your-single-self when your friends are getting married & having kids or you see people 'happily' married with kids on FB. The worst part of all is when you're out with your best buds & they are too busy with their girls to pay any attention to you. Seriously, bros before hos! Leave the beech at home!      Even for men, age does matter esp when it comes to how you are viewed socially. I do feel the pressure of society. I've had old ladies breathing down my neck about getting married & raising an eyelid whenever I say no when asked if I have a girlfriend. I love you & I know you're doing this because you love me but back off!! I am not abo

Simple Yet Significant: Birthdays

The First Batch: Dont look like much but smells good, tastes good &, most importantly,  students love it.      I am always on the lookout for simple solutions to complex problems. Not because I'm lazy but because I want to be effective & efficient. I also realise that when it comes to people, complex problems require a combination of simple solutions.      Are you a popular teacher: liked by many but followed by none? Are you a dreaded teacher: liked by none but followed by many? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? I believe it is. One is only limited to one's imagination.      I am a firm believer of Karmic law: reaping what I sow or investing for long term returns. As a Chief Warden, I constantly depend on the students to get things done: cleaning, gardening, studying, not destroying anything, et cetera. When a command exits a teacher's mouth, its ability to influence compliance can be measured by his/her ability to 'pull'.      I can

2012 MELTA Conference in Kuching

    Last month I had the privilege of attending the 21st MELTA Conference in Kuching. MELTA = Malaysian English Language Teaching Association.     Since it was held in Kuching, I was seriously contemplating paying to join the conference as a participant (a fancy name for the type of attendee who sits there & pretends to be listening) when the ELO from JPNS sent me a message on FB enquiring if I'd be interested in attending the MELTA conference sponsored by the JPN & other private entities. What did you think my answer was? hahaha~~~     For this, I would like to thank him. He has always been inspiring, supportive & ever helpful in my professional development. Mr Sariee Minan. =)     Looking forward to collaborating with him even more in the future! MELTA Conference Kuching was held at the spacious Four Points Sheraton Hotel .     Ladies & gentlemen, this was my first ever teacher's conference in my 4 year career! I attended all the sessions & took