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PMR 2012: Record-breaking 8 As for English!

This year, many of my colleagues & I worked our socks off for our PMR students. Personally, I have pushed them as far as I could towards excellence in their PMR with  my programmes & beliefs , my BI seminar , my weekly motivation sessions & rewarding students for PMR excellence . Here is a summary of our school's 2012 PMR results: 103 candidates Pass  (You have to pass every subject to pass PMR): 74 candidates or 71.84% (1.5% less than 2011) passed PMR Average Grade (GPS)  (The lower the better) is 2.84 (0.05 more than 2011) Top Scorers : 3 8A candidates. 2 7A candidates. 3 6A candidates. 4 5A candidates According to Subject : BM 99.03% 25 As ENG 74.76% 8 As MAT 96.12% 10 As SCI 99.03% 12 As SEJ 96.12% 8 As GEO 97.09% 19 As KH1 100% 14 As KH3 95.89% 3 As BB 97.7% 21 As When I heard the results

Putting My Family First At Last

For most of my teenage life, I really hated my parents. I blamed them for everything bad in my life. Like all those stupid music/language lessons I had to take. I even blamed them for everything that they didn't do for me. Like branded stuff, being handphone-less & unable to go out with my friends. Now that I am older, I realise that they really honestly did what they thought was the best for me. Deceived by emotions & pop culture, I was blind to all the good healthy things they have given me. Now that I am older, I choose to see them & love them for their good side. Nobody is perfect. Not even ourselves. Everybody has flaws. Especially our parents. Once upon a time, I wanted them to accept me for who I was & not what they wanted me to be. (That's the ultimate desire of every child. To know that your love is unconditional.) I guess now that I know better, instead of pointing fingers, shouldn't I take the lead? I am truly ashamed of the child that I was.