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Is Cold Water Safe For Drinking?

taken from Have you ever been given advice from your mother who got her advice from her mother who got her advice from her mother who got her advice from her mom? Age old wisdom passed down from one generation to another seems pretty convincing. Especially when the person giving this advice is someone who's been nurturing you during your early days & would give her life for you. However, sometimes they can lovingly give the wrong advice. I have been told since a very young age to stay away from drinking cold water or iced water. I have been told that room temperature or warm water is the best. Cold water can even harm me. Especially right after exercising. It seems that drinking cold water when your body is hot is like pouring cold water onto a hot wok. The insides of your body would go... ***ssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*** OH NO!!! WE WOULDN'T WANT THAT NOW, DO WE?!! According to this article , that's not such a

Extra Reason To ROFL

Guessing from my other ROFL posts here & here , I'm sure you know what I'm going to talk about! There's extra reason for me to ROFL because: English teachers in rural areas will get extra incentives ! What extra incentives? Here's a clue... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ These incentives would be over and above those already accorded to English language teachers currently serving in rural areas! There is no indication as to how much this incentive will be but I'm guessing it's probably going to be at least as much as what ETeMS teachers are currently getting & will probably stop getting after 2012. ~~~~~ The first question is what makes rural English teachers so great that they should be given an extra allowance? Aren't teachers in the urban schools working just as hard? In the opinion of this rural school English language teacher... Two things: exposure & relevance . These are what urban students have plenty of & what rural students h

Oral Test Bloopers - Part 2

Yesterday, the 'pentaksir bahagian' paid a visit to my school. As was customary, he wanted to evaluate some students with the teachers to see if there was much difference between our evaluations & the kementrian's evaluations. Today, you have the privilege of being there with me as I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Remember that these students are still in the process of perfecting their English so we smile because they are just adorable. Not because of anything else. #1 This wondrously sweet-looking girl walks in & manages to recite everything she has memorised about the dangers of smoking. It's obvious she worked hard for this evaluation. After she finished reciting, came the question & answer part. Do you smoke? No, teacher. Do you like it when people smoke around you? No, teacher. Why? Because it smell bad and it is bad for my health. Good. Good answer! Suddenly, tears started welling up in her eyes. Don't cry, your answers were very good! She nodded &

English Oral Test Bloopers

I recently finished conducting oral tests with 4 classes of the lower Form... Boy, was it a struggle! sometimes I struggle with finding ways to oversimplify my English. sometimes I struggle with listening to unintelligible pseudo-English gibberish. but mostly I struggle with keeping from lol-ing at their honest yet pitiful answers. Let me share some of the highlights of my experience! My spoken words are in red . The student's are in green . #1 This boy walks in timidly & sits down quietly for the test. I try to break the ice with a greeting. Good morning, boy. Suddenly, he experiences an electrifying burst of energy... Good morning! To my teacher! And to my fellow friends! There were only 2 of us in the room. #2 This girl greets me in BM, so I say: This is an English test so I need you to speak English not BM, okay? She nods in understanding, smiles and says very sweetly: Baaaiik, ciiikguuuu. My response was somewhere between smiling & crying. #3 After asking a boy to talk

The Abolishment of ETeMS: A Rural Teacher's View

It's big news. So big that it affects the lives of every common Malaysian. So big everyone MUST know! If you don't... The Malaysian cabinet has reached a consensus. Beginning in 2012, English for Teaching Mathematics & Science (ETeMS) or Pembelajaran & Pengajaran Sains & Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) will be phased out in stages . There will be a return of BM & vernacular langauges for the teaching of Science & Mathematics in Primary & Secondary Schools. However, there will be no change for Form 6 or Matriculation . Science & Mathematics will still be taught in English for them. Following the abolishment of ETeMs, several measures will be taken to place extra emphasis on English . They will be implemented as early as next year. They include increasing classroom time for the English language, an English literature programme, a camp during the holidays & the hiring of additional English teachers. The English teachers

No Computer In The Middle Of Nowhere

2 weeks ago, I left my computer in Kuching for fixing. A diagnosis revealed that the RAM slot I have been using is damaged or faulty. After switching to the other slot, my computer is working perfectly again. Despite its age, seems like my baby has still got it! Without a computer, I lived a different life for 2 weeks. I work & live in the middle of nowhere. No roads. Not even cellphone coverage! It used to be that my computer was my sole source of entertainment. Therefore, having no computer in the middle of nowhere brought a definite change to my lifestyle. taken from With the time that I usually spend watching a movie on my computer... I spent finishing a novel (Angels & Demons) & 2 research periodicals (Bicara Pendidik Sarawak 2006 & 2008). From reading Angels & Demons, I found that the thrilling movie is so much better than the draggy novel. Too many unnecessary details in the novel. From the research periodicals