Oral Test Bloopers - Part 2

Yesterday, the 'pentaksir bahagian' paid a visit to my school.
As was customary, he wanted to evaluate some students with the teachers to see if there was much difference between our evaluations & the kementrian's evaluations.

Today, you have the privilege of being there with me as I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
Remember that these students are still in the process of perfecting their English so we smile because they are just adorable. Not because of anything else.

This wondrously sweet-looking girl walks in & manages to recite everything she has memorised about the dangers of smoking.
It's obvious she worked hard for this evaluation.
After she finished reciting, came the question & answer part.

Do you smoke?
No, teacher.
Do you like it when people smoke around you?
No, teacher.
Because it smell bad and it is bad for my health.
Good. Good answer!
Suddenly, tears started welling up in her eyes.
Don't cry, your answers were very good!
She nodded & managed to hold the tears.

A female teacher asked her...
Does anyone in your family smoke?
Yes, my father.
Then, the tears started flowing.

Everyone was taken aback. Speechless.
I turned to the female teacher next to me & asked her in a concerned tone...
Don't you want to... go over there and give her a hug?
As I asked the question, I could hear the other teachers gasping in held laughter.

The female teacher asked her another question & she answered it well but her sobs were increasingly uncontrollable.
We decided to end the evaluation there.

As the student left & closed the door behind her, I said to the teachers...
Don't be deceived! Maybe that's her tactic to get extra marks!
Everyone burst out laughing.
Then, one teacher uttered...
You're right! I did give her extra marks!

A boy came in & briefly spoke about his hobby which was reading.
When he had nothing more to say, I prompted him with a question...
You said that reading is good because it can help you improve your English. And you say that English is important outside the country. Can you tell me why English is important outside the country?
He answered...
Yes, English is important outside the country because outside the country everybody speaks English.

And the he went on to add in a completely honest & innocent manner.
Many people outside the country speak English... compared to Bahasa... Iban.
Everyone in the room burst out laughing as he sat there looking at us with a confused blur face.
Sorry, it's just that... that was such a good answer!
Everyone actually expected him to say Bahasa... Malaysia.

Aren't students just adorable?
Teaching does have it's moments, eh?

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