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My New House!

After being busy for a long month's time, i finally found some time to write a little something in my blog... Let me share my awesome little house! ~~~~~ 221A Vivian St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. Click Here For Map I got the bottom level of this 2 storey house The entrance to my humble 3 bedroom adobe is the door left ajar ~~~~~ After a long process of hunting websites, catalogues & newpapers for a house... We finally found an acceptable one. In the begining, we tried to rent houses & apartments from real estate firms. But after being turned down many many times, i enquired & realised that they do not go by a first-come-first serve basis. They go by who is the best candidate for the house. An international student leaving at the end of the year doesnt look like a good candidate, thus, i was always overlooked. After learning this, i asked God for a good house where i could talk to the owner directly & persuade the owner to lease me