My New House!

After being busy for a long month's time, i finally found some time to write a little something in my blog...
Let me share my awesome little house!


221A Vivian St,
Te Aro,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand.
Click Here For Map

I got the bottom level of this 2 storey house
The entrance to my humble 3 bedroom adobe is the door left ajar


After a long process of hunting websites, catalogues & newpapers for a house...
We finally found an acceptable one.

In the begining, we tried to rent houses & apartments from real estate firms. But after being turned down many many times, i enquired & realised that they do not go by a first-come-first serve basis. They go by who is the best candidate for the house. An international student leaving at the end of the year doesnt look like a good candidate, thus, i was always overlooked.

After learning this, i asked God for a good house where i could talk to the owner directly & persuade the owner to lease me the house. And that was how I got this house.


After acquiring a house, the house needed to be furnished...
& there is no better place to find furnishing for my new house than!

90% of the stuff u find in my house is purchased on TradeMe!

It was a straining experience bidding for each piece of furniture...
but the fruit of that labour is sweet...

Upon entering our house...

Our Home Theatre System

Our Neat Little Kitchen

Our Handsome Dining Suite


After completing the furniture purchasing, we needed to move the furniture, from storage at Jia Yin's house or from the TradeMe seller that cannot deliver their goods, to my new house.

One fine Sunday, we were extremely blessed to have Chua, my boss from Satay Kampong, provide a car to drag our rented trailer around the Wellington region picking up furniture & delivering it to our new house!

The Valiant Car & Rented Trailer

We slaved from 10am to 4pm, 6 hours non-stop!
We ended the tiring day with a nice KFC meal!
Thanks Boss!


After everything has been moved into my new house...
Everything had to be arranged & assembled...

I patiently laboured an hour trying to assemble my bed...

What my room looked like on the first night...

After working on my house...
it looks good...
really really good...
like my room!

My gigantic closet...
the envy of many a woman...

My Workspace

My Assembled & Accessoried Bed


Everyone is Welcome!
As long as they bring an offering...
& do make an appointment before you come over...

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