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IPBA Election Day: I Did Not Make It

Today was the day the students in IPBA voted for their favourate candidates into the student representative council, the MPP. I got a fair ammount of votes but I failed to obtain enough votes to qualify for the High Council of the MPP. Even though I failed, I dont count this experience as a loss... It was a great learning experience... I will continue to improve... It's not the winning that matters, it's the rising up! I learned a lot during my campaign... starting a campaign blog, voting, observing people groups & observing the behaviours of individuals... I believe it has made me a better person & a more humble person... Now I can focus on being a teacher-in-training, a class representative & a leader on a smaller scale... =D To the new MPPs... ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!

koko' for MPP

This is my offcial poster for the 1 week campaign for High Council of the Student Representative Council of IPBA. It will be placed in various strategic locations in IPBA to publicise my candidacy & hopefully gain me a few votes. I also hope that these posters will lead people to visit an election campaign blog I'm co-authoring with two other candidates. In the Student Representative Council, there are two levels: the High Council & the Executive Council. The High Council comes up with the ideals for the organisation while the Executive Council implements these visions in their respective agencies. There are 7 seats in the High Council & 14 candidates contesting for the seats. So I do have tough competition... However, each IPBA student can vote for 7 candidates, so all I have to do is get myself included in the 7 votes of most IPBArians. If I play my cards well, there will be a high probrability for that! My main campaign platform is the campaign blog. This is


At 5:56AM today I said さよなら...

2008 CNY: My Most Memorable

After missing out on a few Chinese New Year celebrations due to my being overseas where it's just another day or just another dinner with friends... coming home & celebrating it here in Malaysia really really really does makes a difference!! When the clock strikes midnight, the fireworks begin Under the moonlight, the city sparkles and glitters Excited yet afraid, the children close their ears To the loud declaration of a mighty celebration I miss the fireworks reminding sleeping people that it is CNY Joy & hope suddenly become tangible like thick smoke from fireworks Smell it, taste it, take it in... Smile for we have a new start, a new vision for a long new year This year I got to celebrate this occassion in all its majesty! And I also got to celebrate it with family & friends who have stuck with me for so many years! Furthermore, I also discovered my type of woman! This year's CNY is absolutely my most memorable! Celebrating In Kuching ...

Yet Another Valentine Alone

taken from It's Valentine's day today... In my 23 years, I've dated 3 girls, had serious long-term relationships with 2, but never got to experience Valentine's day with any of them... Today is yet another lonely valentine, 23 out of 23... Perhaps my first Valentine's will be with the young lady I spend my life with... wow... that'll be worth the wait... but still... until then... every 14 Feb means heartache & pain... being left-out & lonely... At 12AM today, the single boys in my apartment got together in the living room to observe 5 mins of silence. 5 mins of silence to remember past loves & could haves, as well as to remember the many many people in the world that is miserably left out of this euphoric celebration... Saying a silent prayer for them to let them know that they are not alone... We are like them... We are with them in their ommission... Then we listened to our newly appointed of

My Type of Girl

picture taken from During my one week Chinese New Year holiday back in Kuching I met a young lady that completely blew me away... During the SMK Batu Lintang Old Buddies reunion party at Soho, I met my " lady-in-red " and when I first laid eyes on her, she was literally... all in silhouette... and conincidently, her name rhymes with silhouette... ~~~~~ Imagine the balcony area of a happening club, the music, the lights, the people & suddenly there she was... Like an angel hidden by darkness, sitting with a dim light behind her, her form in silhouette caught my eye... Everything slowed down as I came to a great revelation... I felt each Heartbeat... beat... I felt a strange shyness & nervousness creep under my skin... I'm only truly shy around someone I really like... I noticed her hair as it flows like waves before they dissolve into a sandy beach... Brown highlights... Permed... Wavy... Long... the Perfect shape... just the