koko' for MPP

This is my offcial poster for the 1 week campaign for High Council of the Student Representative Council of IPBA.
It will be placed in various strategic locations in IPBA to publicise my candidacy & hopefully gain me a few votes.
I also hope that these posters will lead people to visit an election campaign blog I'm co-authoring with two other candidates.

In the Student Representative Council, there are two levels: the High Council & the Executive Council. The High Council comes up with the ideals for the organisation while the Executive Council implements these visions in their respective agencies.
There are 7 seats in the High Council & 14 candidates contesting for the seats. So I do have tough competition... However, each IPBA student can vote for 7 candidates, so all I have to do is get myself included in the 7 votes of most IPBArians. If I play my cards well, there will be a high probrability for that!

My main campaign platform is the campaign blog. This is because the students in IPBA are so bogged down with homework, assignments, compulsory meetings & etc... I don't want to take too much of their time forcing them to listen to my whole manifesto... So when I get the chance, I'll just entertain some people, tease them with a little bites-sized servings of my delicious manifesto, and then I'll tell them to read the blog if they want to know more!
Sneaky! =D

The blog is Nas + Jarod + Hafiz = Student Advocates of IPBA.
Co-authored with Nasrul (High Council candidate) & Hafiz (Executive Council candidate).
My manifesto is there so do check it out!

Pray that:
- the right candidates are elected
- they will fear God
- they will truly serve & fight for the student body
- I will be an examplary candidate that will make a positive impression & impact even if I don't win
- my health will stay strong as I slave through the night working on my campaign!


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