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Kpg Chuweh, Gerik: The Route To Education

I was so delighted when I saw this newspaper article & the video above made by NST. No matter how long it took me to load the video above on my jungle internet connection, I waited patiently to see the Orang Asli children travel to their new school build by the villagers themselves! The school looks very impressive! Check it out!

How To Save Money When Missing An AirAsia Flight

In February, I missed 2 flights because the flights left even earlier than 20 minutes before scheduled departure. Read the story & my advice on catching AirAsia flights  here . I thought that it was unfair for passengers who were early to be left behind so I wrote the following feedback & submitted it via the AirAsia contact page  on the 21st of March. A stern letter reflecting my sentiments of the practice. On the 26th of March, I received a reply.

I Pledged As An Organ Donor. You Should Too. Here's Why & How.

Nope, I didn't. This needs to change. When I was a child, I watched those American movies (or was it Indian movies... I can't remember exactly...) where the main character or someone emotionally close to him is in desperate need of organs but is put at the bottom of a long waiting list because they are normal people just like me with not much money & would die in a certain period of time unless a miracle donor appears. Being the sweet little thing I was (you can ask my mom about how 'sweet' I was as I was jumping from furniture to furniture & skilfully evading her capture), I developed a deep desire to be that mysterious miracle donor which appears out of thin air and saves the day for a sobbing & heart-warming happy ending. The minority people are the majority of pledges & donors. I wonder who the recipients are... My girlfriend was way ahead of me. She signed up silently last year & I only discovered it when she shared a photo of her do

This Airline Will Leave You Behind 20 Minutes BEFORE Time!!!

This happened to me 2 times in the past few months. I arrived at the airport early, loitered around, called a friend, did some shopping & arrived at the boarding gate 20-25 minutes BEFORE departure only to discover that my plane had left me behind! (To clarify: I was at the gate at least 20 minutes before & the plane was GONE. Meaning the gate closed long before I got there.) The best thing was, it still said Boarding on the TV screen both times. I looked before I went to the boarding gate & after I've my flights departed early. I went to the office to complain & I was told that the captain had the prerogative to initiate Annex 22 which he did. I tried to look up this protocol on the internet but could only find a book of flight protocols called Annex 22. I was about to write a complaint letter to the airline company when I realised something...