Thursday, March 27

My First Professional Photoshoot

Today I had my very first professional photo shoot.
It was organised by the hairdressing academy of a successful hair styling studio, HairZone.
They got their senior student hairdressers working on a model to create a unique hairstyle worthy of a place in a magazine.

I got to know one of the students, Jay Jay, just as he was looking for a model.
He asked if I would volunteer to be his model.
It was an opportunity of a lifetime!
Of course I agreed!

I got a free hair styling session & a chance to get a little taste of what its like to be someone whose picture is in a magazine.
However, it was not a joke.
It was a serious session with full on makeup, clothes, poses, angles, lights & advanced camera technology.
I had an enlightening sneak peak into the life of models...
Tiring but very rewarding!

Thank you Micheal Poh & Jay Jay for this opportunity!

Jay Jay

Saturday, March 22

The Pussies In My Crib

If you own a tv or have lived in the city, you will find that the media elevates the man who has a large & beautiful crib as well as many ladies who are always beautiful and constantly positioned in sexy postures.
Well... My crib may not be as aestheticly pleasing or lavishly decorated...
but my crib does have several beautiful pussies!

About two months ago, on a cold dark night, a skinny beautiful yet needy female stranger came calling at our apartment. The stranger caught the eyes of a few of our men & was warmly welcomed into the apartment for dinner. Her name was Pochii.

My housemate, Nasrul, loved her so much that he started going shopping for her. He bought her many things that she needed but didn't have and he really poured out his love on her. She noticed this & she started coming to our apartment regularly.

One day, we noticed that she had a slightly larger stomach. We could see instantly that she was pregnant. We confronted her. She denied. But we knew, there was no doubt. But we wouldn't alienate her... She was comfortable around us... And somehow she has grown needy of us... So we comforted her & told her that we will take care of her no matter what. Those of us who are willing & able will provide for her & her yet-to-be-born child.

She gave birth to 5 adorable babies!I haven't had much experience with pets, but it is eye-opening to find that, like humans, animals have different personalities too!
They are such a wonder to watch!
They cause me to wonder what my future children will be like...

Looking at them huddling together for a nap during a cold rainy afternoon makes me feel warm all over...
this is a testament to the love & care of the men in our two adjacent penthouse apartments!
Pochii may be a single mother, but her children have got at least 10 fathers!
And I am one of them!

This is Shadow. She is my favourite!
She is different from the other kittens.
She's laid back & cool even when all her siblings are jumping on each other & dashing all over the place.
She is also very submissive...
This pussy will let you do anything to her without reacting negatively...
Dont underestimate my Shadow! She may seem lazy & blur but she is quick to react whenever it is required of her!

You know, I have never liked cats. I dare say that I even hated cats.
When I was growing up, I had very bad experiences with cats.
They make scary sounds at night & they steal food meant for me!
However, the pussies in my apartment have made the difference!
The kittens are amusing to watch & they lighten up my heavy burdened days.

I guess they are created by God, just like I am...
And it's up to me whether to precieve them as good or bad.
And so, why not good?

Friday, March 14

koko' in Penang

Last weekend I went for a long delayed & awaited trip to Penang!
Having arranged personal tours with an attractive lady friend as well as a macho man friend...
I set off to a trip that's worthy of writing about... full of drama & twists!

This was the plan for my Penang state trip:
Day 1: my macho friend will show me around Butterworth on the mainland
Day 2: a lonely alluring lady friend of mine will give me the ride of a lifetime on Penang Island
Day 3: Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of the island & the mainland
### Little did I know, the trip got so random on Day 3! ;-)

Day 1 with my man friend...
We did lots of manly stuff!!
For example: eating every 3 hours, playing snooker in a smoke filled parlor, visiting a CyberCafe & sluging it out on CounterStrike, watching a macho movie as well as every man's duty: to check out the girls of Butterworth...

honestly, I arrived in Butterworth on the afternoon of Friday like a newborn baby, excited & absorbing into my soul every single detail of this new found land.
My man friend & his brother showed me all of Butterworth plus some surrounding provinces. I was taken to places with good Penang food, taken to the beach, the local mall & given a glimpse of the life that they live in Butterworth as young men.

We watched, the movie, 10,000 BC & it was quite a good movie!
Sort of like a more refined version of Apocalypto...
Definately worth paying to watch in a cinema!
It's a meaningful movie that you can bring your girlfriend to & also a manly movie the macho man can watch with his league of extra-macho gentlemen.

One interesting thing I found out on this day was that not many of the Chinese in Butterworth & even Penang Island can speak Mandarin!
Not many of the Chinese in Penang are educated so they only know their mother tongue, the creole, MinNan or HokKien. Only the well educated Chinese speak Mandarin!
I was amazed to find the all so common Mandrin a prestiege langauge in Penang!
Wow! I was treated like an genius or star student by the people I spoke Mandrin to in Penang... So I tried to speak HokKien whenever I could to build solidarity with the locals.

In Butterworth, of all the fabled Penang foods, I had:

Fried Kueh Tiaw / Char Kueh Tiaw
Picture taken from

The Char Kueh Tiaw was exquisite!
When they ask if you want the Chinese waxed sausages, ignore all the health warnings your parents drilled into you!
Widen your eyes & say yes because it completes the fusion of flavours that will pleasurably dance around your taste buds as you chew!
Comes cheap at around RM2.50 - RM3.00

Penang Mee / Prawn Mee / HockKien Mee
Picture taken from

The Penang Mee was somewhat light when compared to its cousins sold in KL.
I prefer the KL version but i do give some credit to the Penang version because the intensity of the flavours were just right for me to taste the individual ingredients and enjoy the dish without rushing for a drink to quench my MSG induced thirst!
Also comes cheap at around RM2.50 - RM3.00

Nasi Kandar
Picture taken from

They say it originated from Penang. They say the best is in Penang...
Of course, the most successful (as well as most expencive) Mamak (or Nasi Kandar) Restaurants, like Pelita, came from Penang.
So here I am. Let me at em'.
Hmm... Looks the same... Tastes the same... Costs... Less!
It got me smiling there!

Day 2 was a good & bad day at the same time...
However, it was sugar coated with the presence of her...
my young and beautiful Penang heroine...

Like any good romance movie, the hero has to successfully complete several obstacles or quests before meeting the heroine.
As for me, I had to sail from the mainland to the island by stowing away on an overcrowded slave transport ship they call a "ferry".
Hiding among the unhappy well-tanned faces, the hero somehow felt in his heart a sense of joy and sweet anticipation. The day was bright, sunny and warm. The gentle ocean breeze was caressing his yellow skin and calming him with a gentle fragrance from the seven seas. The waves were calling to him with their hushed voices. Every single element of nature made him feel comfortable & at peace, even though he was nervous that the fair heroine might not accept a humble man like himself...

Upon arriving, the hero blended into the crowd. He emerged only when he had found a carriage driver with kind eyes. Then, he climbed over the barrier called "language" with all his wits as well as all the "HokKien" he could muster and negociated a fair price to his destination. He paid RM20 for a taxi ride to Queensbay mall in Bayan Lepas from the ferry jetty in Queens Wharf. (Standard taxi price is Rm15-20)

At Queensbay mall, the hero took his sweet time browsing through the stores in the mall while waiting for his heroine to turn up... (why are they always late?) The new mall looks marvellous & squeaky shiny clean! The best part is that the air-conditioning was refreshingly cold! A very welcome treat for someone who has spent lots of time outside in the hot equatorial sun but a shivering nightmare for the female who dresses less during the summer-like days.

When the heroine finally arrives in her fine carriage driven by her kind mother, the hero has his very first glimpse of her... from a distance. He catches sight of the long flowing dark hair and the beautiful slender legs of the heroine... "Wow... She doesn't look her age..." he thinks to himself as he nervously but confidently walks his way towards her. He smiles to himself as he feels very blessed to have someone like that agree to spend her day with him; taking him on a personal tour of her exotic island!

First issue of the day was transport.
The hero & heroine needed a means of transport. A vehicle of some sort to help them get around the island.
Due to the day being polling day for the elections, the car rental companies visited by the trio have closed for the day. So they headed over to the airport in hopes that the booths there were still open.

And they were!
After a careful survey, the hero hired a Proton Persona from Kasina rent-a-car.
Picture taken from

The person manning the booth for Kasina was very polite, courteous & helpful. I appreciate his enthusiasm & his patience in dealing with an inexperienced car renter like myself...
He was very sweet & appreciative even after i have returned the car!
An excellent example of perfect customer service in Malaysia!
I believe his name was Karan. Another Indian dude i will have fond memories of..
Here's a pat on the back for you, Karan!

The Proton Persona drives and steers well. However, the buttons on the steering wheel that controls the radio does malfunction & the acceleration of this car with automatic transmission left little to desire. I love the handling of the vehicle & the overall feel of the car. With the right paint & tints, it can be somewhat goodlooking too!
Could be a worthy buy...

Anyway, after we got the car, we were sweetly cruising the streets of Penang...
I was the captain... she was my captive...
On my boat, we had many good moments talking about everything and anything... sometimes even rubbish!

In any good movie, the hero will sometimes be helpless & it will be up to the heroine to unexpectedly become a hero.
In my situation, the hero could drive but he didn't know where to go. He was helpless without the suggestive control of his fair maiden...
And she was surprisingly apt in that role... She skillfully guided him all around Penang. She showed him her school, places with good food & famous landmarks of Penang Island.
However, they were unable to step out of the vehicle to examine those locations closely because rain had started pouring down ever since they got their flash new car...

However, there was one Penang dish I was dying to try...

The Penang Laksa / Asam Laksa
Picture taken from

We braved the rain for it...
actually the heroine happily braved the rain to take me to a market with good Penang laksa served by an adorable grandma!
The Penang laksa was actually very very good! It's rich & thick with fishy goodness!
Take note that the chilli padis can be overwhelming though, so ask for no chillies if you have a low spice tolerance...
I was choking mine down because I had the chillies on full blast. Having had a macho injection the day before, I wanted to prove to my heroine that I was manly... but I think I ended up being cute instead...
sigh... oh well...

After a whole day of exploring, we headed over to her place & had a good shower as well as a fresh change of clothes.
We showered seperately, of course...
But I do have a confession to make: that night, she was looking absolutely ravishing in her black dress...
From that moment onwards, having her out with me became absolutely electric & extremely gratifying!
I felt like Rupee in his song "Tempted To Touch"!
She was so Hot!

Most of the night was spent relaxing in the lounge at Segafredo cafe. Just me and my heroine.
It was there at the cafe that we really got to know each other. We took off our masks & we let our guard down over some well made Segafredo coffee.
She blew me away with her thoughts & her experiences. They taught me something about life.
It somehow proves that an old man can learn from a younger person.
It also proves my theory that every person is like a wonderful butterfly hiding in its cocoon ready to emerge in all its glory... if only someone is willing to take the trouble of opening up the cocoon...

Later, we finished the night off by visiting at a new dance club, MOIS.

Picture taken from

The league of extra-macho gentlemen from Butterworth met up with me & my heroine before the whole group headed to MOIS.
We got a bottle of Otard VSOP, a favourite of mine, & had the cover charge for the 5 of us waived.
I spent the rest of the night dancing with my heroine... in celebration of a fruitful & worthwhile day's expedition... a fusion of man & woman moving to the music with passion & perfect unison...
She was a tantalising dancer... I was truly blown away...
The night ended with me driving her home...
And then, something very very unexpected happened...

My parents wanted me to fly back to Kuching on the next available flight.
They even wanted me to sleep in the airport until there was a flight available.
It was 3AM in the morning.
They have been calling every half an hour since 11PM.
They were very worried because BN had lost Penang in the elections.
They were worried riots might break out.
Out of respect to my parents, I had to comply.

And just like in every good romance movie, a perfect ending is somewhat heartbreaking...
I left her, I left him, I left the plans that we made for the next few days behind & reluctantly flew back to Kuching...

But then again...
It was good while it lasted...
One perfect trip...
It left me wanting more...

Penang, I will be back!
But dont you hold your breath!

Saturday, March 1

My KL Adobe

I've moved to KL for my practical studies as a successful & inspirational English teacher of the future.
Over the years I have lived in many exciting places with a lot to shout about...
This year is not different...
so here is a glimpse of My Humble Adobe in KL...

I'm studying in Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA), Lembah Pantai, KL.
My place of residency is right next to my institute! =D
For those of you who dont know Lembah Pantai, it's very near Bangsar & UM.

I occupy a room in one of the penthouses in Pantai Puri Luxury Apartments...
The name of my place sounds impressive but this is a government hostel so do expect the apartments to be in some need of maintenance.
However, everything works out well & we get a spacious apartment in KL city for just RM70 a month!

My room is quite a spacious room so I had to have roommates...
I was fortunate to be roomies with 2 awesome individuals, Guna & Nesa.
These two provide amusement...
especially when they start arguing in Tamil!

The boys from my course & year are the only occupants of the two penthouses in the building, so you'll find our front doors open & half-naked boy running from apartment to apartment!
Very Nice!

In the living area of our apaprtment, we have an Xbox 360 + hi-def LCD for the really stressful times when you need to shoot somebody or button bash!
Sexy Times!

In the apartment next door, we have a Playstation 3 + LCD + Rockband Set for the development of our musical intelligence!
Rockband ROCKS!!
I Like!!!

To add to the perks of My Humble Adobe, I get free wireless broadband internet from the balcony of the apartment next door!
Instead of hiding in their rooms, you'll find people with their laptops or PDAs hanging around the balcony & chatting while they surf the net!
Cohort 2 Penthouses Are The Place To Be!!

Therefore, as you can see...
Besides the 101 ways of brainwashing your children, we do know how to have a house that makes eyes go beady & mouths drop!
Good Times!

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