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My First Professional Photoshoot

Today I had my very first professional photo shoot . It was organised by the hairdressing academy of a successful hair styling studio, HairZone . They got their senior student hairdressers working on a model to create a unique hairstyle worthy of a place in a magazine. I got to know one of the students, Jay Jay, just as he was looking for a model. He asked if I would volunteer to be his model. It was an opportunity of a lifetime! Of course I agreed! I got a free hair styling session & a chance to get a little taste of what its like to be someone whose picture is in a magazine. However, it was not a joke. It was a serious session with full on makeup, clothes, poses, angles, lights & advanced camera technology. I had an enlightening sneak peak into the life of models... Tiring but very rewarding! Thank you Micheal Poh & Jay Jay for this opportunity ! Jay Jay Micheal Poh

The Pussies In My Crib

If you own a tv or have lived in the city, you will find that the media elevates the man who has a large & beautiful crib as well as many ladies who are always beautiful and constantly positioned in sexy postures. Well... My crib may not be as aestheticly pleasing or lavishly decorated... but my crib does have several beautiful pussies! About two months ago, on a cold dark night, a skinny beautiful yet needy female stranger came calling at our apartment. The stranger caught the eyes of a few of our men & was warmly welcomed into the apartment for dinner. Her name was Pochii. My housemate, Nasrul, loved her so much that he started going shopping for her. He bought her many things that she needed but didn't have and he really poured out his love on her. She noticed this & she started coming to our apartment regularly. One day, we noticed that she had a slightly larger stomach. We could see instantly that she was pregnant. We confronted her. She denied. But we knew

koko' in Penang

Last weekend I went for a long delayed & awaited trip to Penang! Having arranged personal tours with an attractive lady friend as well as a macho man friend... I set off to a trip that's worthy of writing about... full of drama & twists! This was the plan for my Penang state trip: Day 1: my macho friend will show me around Butterworth on the mainland Day 2: a lonely alluring lady friend of mine will give me the ride of a lifetime on Penang Island Day 3: Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of the island & the mainland ### Little did I know, the trip got so random on Day 3! ;-) Day 1 with my man friend... We did lots of manly stuff!! For example: eating every 3 hours, playing snooker in a smoke filled parlor, visiting a CyberCafe & sluging it out on CounterStrike, watching a macho movie as well as every man's duty: to check out the girls of Butterworth... Hahaha... honestly, I arrived in Butterworth on the afternoon of Friday like a newborn baby,

My KL Adobe

I've moved to KL for my practical studies as a successful & inspirational English teacher of the future. Over the years I have lived in many exciting places with a lot to shout about... This year is not different... so here is a glimpse of My Humble Adobe in KL... I'm studying in Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA) , Lembah Pantai , KL. My place of residency is right next to my institute! =D For those of you who dont know Lembah Pantai, it's very near Bangsar & UM . I occupy a room in one of the penthouses in Pantai Puri Luxury Apartments... The name of my place sounds impressive but this is a government hostel so do expect the apartments to be in some need of maintenance. However, everything works out well & we get a spacious apartment in KL city for just RM70 a month! YES! ONE NIL!! =D My room is quite a spacious room so I had to have roommates... I was fortunate to be roomies with 2 awesome individuals, Guna & Nesa .