My KL Adobe

I've moved to KL for my practical studies as a successful & inspirational English teacher of the future.
Over the years I have lived in many exciting places with a lot to shout about...
This year is not different...
so here is a glimpse of My Humble Adobe in KL...

I'm studying in Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA), Lembah Pantai, KL.
My place of residency is right next to my institute! =D
For those of you who dont know Lembah Pantai, it's very near Bangsar & UM.

I occupy a room in one of the penthouses in Pantai Puri Luxury Apartments...
The name of my place sounds impressive but this is a government hostel so do expect the apartments to be in some need of maintenance.
However, everything works out well & we get a spacious apartment in KL city for just RM70 a month!

My room is quite a spacious room so I had to have roommates...
I was fortunate to be roomies with 2 awesome individuals, Guna & Nesa.
These two provide amusement...
especially when they start arguing in Tamil!

The boys from my course & year are the only occupants of the two penthouses in the building, so you'll find our front doors open & half-naked boy running from apartment to apartment!
Very Nice!

In the living area of our apaprtment, we have an Xbox 360 + hi-def LCD for the really stressful times when you need to shoot somebody or button bash!
Sexy Times!

In the apartment next door, we have a Playstation 3 + LCD + Rockband Set for the development of our musical intelligence!
Rockband ROCKS!!
I Like!!!

To add to the perks of My Humble Adobe, I get free wireless broadband internet from the balcony of the apartment next door!
Instead of hiding in their rooms, you'll find people with their laptops or PDAs hanging around the balcony & chatting while they surf the net!
Cohort 2 Penthouses Are The Place To Be!!

Therefore, as you can see...
Besides the 101 ways of brainwashing your children, we do know how to have a house that makes eyes go beady & mouths drop!
Good Times!

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