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How To Shut A Child Up During CNY

This one works too. But if you want something better... Read on. This is a light-hearted story of what happened to me during CNY  this year. I learned an amazingly effective way to shut up a group of rowdy children (all 5 years & below) which was very likely used on me once upon a time but I have forgotten due to extremely violent emotional scarring. I had just entered my relative's house when a group of children who were already there started making a lot of noise with one 5 year old girl being particularly screamy. Her mother was clearly exhausted & fed up from an entire day of pacifying a sugar-charged kid so she said something really brilliant.

Foodpanda Malaysia Apologises With An Excellent Email

In response to my blog post , a rep from Foodpanda sent me this email on 18 February 2015: Very level-headed & tactful response. This is a model of how organisations should respond to criticism. I'm actually surprised to get such a mature response from the company which made me wait half a day for food that I pre-paid for.

Travelling To SMK Katibas (Videos)

This is what it looks like to arrive at Song , Sarawak, on an express boat! This is what it looks like to arrive at SMK Katibas , Song , Sarawak, on a long boat!