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The Dream SIP+ Visit

Just a few days after the nightmare visit by the Nazir , an SIP+ visited my school. At that time, the teachers were weiry of visitors; including myself. We wouldn't want to go through another round of scrutiny & condemnation. When a colleague came into the staff room announcing that an SIP+ was looking for me, I admit I was pretty negative about it. I recalled how a colleague of mine was publicly humiliated only just a few days ago. I dragged my feet as I forced myself to meet with this officer. As it turned out, the officer was very peculiar & he had a peculiar reason for visiting my school.

The Nazir Nightmare

**Everything written here is my personal opinion & observations. I am not perfect. In fact, I'm terribly flawed. I'm sharing because I have learned from this & I believe others can too.** A few weeks ago, a team of officers came to my school to check on our implementation of the PT3 & our readiness to administer the PT3 written assessments. My school is located deep in the jungles of Borneo so we rarely get visits from anybody. Not even the Nazir. Their last visit was in 2007, believe it or not. Their visit on Monday was only made known to us on the Friday before & we were completely in the dark about what they were expecting . We were only informed that we had to prepare all our documentation especially those for PT3. Our admin used this opportunity to scare us into doing all sorts of paperwork & it worked. My colleagues thought that I was the cause for the visit because  I applied for GC earlier this year . But, I told them that I didn't even q

Katilympics 2014

What would you do if life at school was getting mundane? What if every week was the same hustle & bustle into the classrooms for lessons delivered while you were seated like a lovely puppet doll? What if it has been like this for months already? I'm sure you'd get this little itch. It starts as a small one. Then, it becomes bigger & bigger & bigger until, eventually, you've just got to scratch it. Often times, our students are Bored & we're only making things worse. When students are bored, they will do all sorts of things to amuse themselves. Which is why boarding schools have activities all year-round. Perhaps they do this because of PBS: Penilaian Berasaskan Sekolah Sebelah. Whether intentional or not, having programmes all year-round occupies students & distracts them. It gives them the opportunity to expend the inexhaustible energy they tend to possess. With such an outlet, students rarely have the time nor the energy to cause discipline p

Job Offer: Teach Orang Asli Children in Gerik

working with the less fortunate Do you love children? What are you thoughts about educating them? Would you enjoy a rare opportunity to travel to a rural part of Malaysia? Would you enjoy applying yourself in meaningful work which will change lives? Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of children who are forgotten & abandoned because they were born into a rural community? Or, perhaps you want a break from the hustle & bustle? I'm helping a friend seek out an individual with a deep sense of purpose to teach young Orang Asli children in Gerik, Perak. Position: Teacher Place:  Lake Banding ,  Gerik Duration: 3 to 6 months Education:  An education diploma or bachelor's would be good but your education background is not as important as your desire to educate. You will be given a chance to learn from a local government school & be in control of the curriculum. Package: Negotiable within reason. Food, board & logistics to village covered