Job Offer: Teach Orang Asli Children in Gerik

working with the less fortunate
Do you love children? What are you thoughts about educating them?
Would you enjoy a rare opportunity to travel to a rural part of Malaysia? Would you enjoy applying yourself in meaningful work which will change lives?
Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of children who are forgotten & abandoned because they were born into a rural community?
Or, perhaps you want a break from the hustle & bustle?

I'm helping a friend seek out an individual with a deep sense of purpose to teach young Orang Asli children in Gerik, Perak.

Position: Teacher
Place: Lake BandingGerik
Duration: 3 to 6 months

Education: An education diploma or bachelor's would be good but your education background is not as important as your desire to educate. You will be given a chance to learn from a local government school & be in control of the curriculum.
Package: Negotiable within reason. Food, board & logistics to village covered. 1 month funded teacher training at a local government school.

Objective: Prepare the children for full time formal education at a government school by next year.
Students: Orang Asli children who have had no education. 32 children between 3 and 12.
Classroom: A basic purpose build class room. All the necessary school books will be purchased and there is a boat to take the teacher to the island daily, or as frequently as required.

Contact: Matthew Rickard

Please help the Orang Asli children by sharing this blog post & tagging friends who might be interested!
You may contact me or Matthew for more information.


UPDATE: 31 March 2015
Check it out! The school officially launched in October 2014! Read about it on my blog here.
Still, contact me or Matthew if you're interested in being a teacher there or if your organisation is looking to collaborate on a high impact programme.

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