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Magnificent Multilingual Malaysia

This is what makes #Malaysia so beautiful. 😍😍😍 Something celebrated here that you won't see in Western countries. A month ago, I posted a photo of myself on Facebook making light of my foolishness in coming to school early in the morning after the raya break, only to find out that it was still a holiday & I was the only one at school. I didn't expect something magnificent to organically manifest itself in the comments section of the photo. I beamed in pride as I watched the comments come in, reflecting multilingual Malaysia. This was a rare occurrence, kind of like when you stumble upon a rare pokemon. Usually, people comment in English because (1) I'm an English teacher, & (2) 90% of the posts I make are in English. That really made my day. Therefore, dear friends, feel free to use any language on this page! Boleh berbahasa Melayu, jaku Iban, kecek kelate, 说华语, berbahasa rojak also can. All languages are welcome! We celebrate multilingualism in Malay

You Won't Believe How Chedet Will Revive PPSMI In The Era Of PAK21

Adapted from     While prideful nationalists were triggered & teachers had genuine concerns about students' abilities to comprehend lessons in English , I had my mind blown at how our prime minister will have science & mathematics lessons conducted. Here's a recording of his full statement in parliament .