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The Reason I ROFL

Imagine how happy I was when I got my salary slip first thing on Monday! I cant wait to put my (literally) hard earned money to 'good' use! haha~~ Dear readers, I loved all your guesses! hahaha~~ Kept me entertained all week! And erm... Sorry boys, I'm not rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) because I'm 'gay'. Maybe next time.


I'm very happy today! What do you think happened? Try & guess... I will reveal it soon!

I Am Bored

picture taken from Seriously... I need a change of scenery. I need a change of activity. I hate this mundane predictability. Since my school is isolated. I cant leave. I do all the same things every day of the week. Every day in school. Day & night in school. It's always school, school, school, school & did I mention school? I'm surprised at myself. I have only been here for 5 weeks... But it feels like 5 months. I guess this is the time when a person starts to really develop the stamina to last for the 5 years he has to be at this place. gasp~~ Let me give you a glimpse of my less-than-exciting life... First of all, I eat the same food every day. I can only go out & buy my groceries once a week at the same market. Furthermore, I can only buy what I can carry. = limited variety = I am really getting bored of my meals. Secondly, my daily routine is the same. There are only 2 places to go to. School or home. School or home. geee~

Love It, Hate It, It's Valentine's Day

Some people look forward to this day all year. Some tingle with excitement for the surprise & passion to come. Some turn their heads to hide a tear for nothing will come. Some, like myself, can't help but think of today with some dread. Everybody expects lovers to do something special for the other. Women especially expect to be pampered. Treated with extra love & affection. As a man, I don't mind doing all that. Take advantage of the occasion. But I cant. I'm broke (salary not paid yet). I'm also an ocean away from my love. For those of us in the world who have to spend Valentine's Day without a loved one... Be it through failure, distance, death or divorce... Let's lift a glass some time tonight as a toast to ourselves & the hope that we will be together with our special someone in the near future. Cheers!

Home is the Thing with Feathers

The previous 6 years have seen me leave my parents' home & full-provision for various locations within & outside of Malaysia. Every location had something unique to offer me. And I was also able add to or tweak the place to suit my liking. At all these locations, I was able to recreate a new home for myself again & again. Except the latest. I currently live in an exclusive & spacious teachers' apartment on school grounds. It's on a hill so I see picturesque mountains & a valley from my bedroom window. I have a spacious living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & balcony. It has great potential to be absolutely lovely! I had a really awesome home in Wellington (both of them) & I had always hoped that once I started working in Malaysia, I'd design for myself a home that is one step above the practical & at the same time would reflect my personality. I have more demand for art & pretty interiors than it is natural for a young sin

The Flash Flood

taken from Apparently, I experienced a flash flood . In less than 6 hours the water rose from 2 storeys underneath up to the height of your ankle. The boy's asrama were the lowest so they got hit first. Then, the school garden & the bridge across the garden linking the asramas to the academic blocks. We were wading through river water by mid-afternoon in heavy rain. It had the potential to rise even higher. A few months ago, it was a storey higher. But the rains got lighter & eventually stopped in the evening. That was when the water started receding. This morning, water levels were high but did not flood the school. The weather is calm so there are boats traveling the waters again. A headcount of both teachers & students were made revealing no casualties. A cleaning of the once flooded asramas took place in the morning with everyone being mindful for centipedes & snakes. I am currently safely tucked away at a friend's house

A State of Emergency

Just a few hours ago, my principal declared a state of emergency. All classes & school activities will be put on hold until further notice. All students are to be gathered into the main hall for prayer. Teachers will take turns in groups to have 24 hour surveillance over the school. What are we watching for? A Flood. It has been raining for days & days at no end. In fact, it has been raining for days & days all over Sarawak. Water is flowing in from the deep interiors causing the Katibas river to overflow. Our school is built on high ground. But the waters are lapping our feet now. Usually it's a 2 storey descent to the jetty. Now it is right at our doorsteps. There were still boats in the river only 8 hours ago. Now it is too dangerous to travel. The only way in & out of school is by boat. We are stranded. The water pump is already submerged. We have no more water supply lest the ones we have in the soon-to-be-depleted water tanks. The electricity generators are cl

Chinese New Year Fever

It's still Chinese New Year and I'm wondering to myself, "what am I doing here in UK?!" I should be at home enjoying mom's cooking instead of being so gay & cooking for myself. I should be out with my buddies at a cool establishment instead of being so boring & working on school documents. I should be catching up with older relatives instead of force-feeding children English lessons for their own good. **singing the tune of '12 Days of Christmas'** On the first & second day of CNY, my housemate gave to me... a bed-ridden fever & body aches to accompany. On the third & fourth day of CNY, I tried to leave the house... but I was too sick to enjoy anything. On the fifth & sixth day of CNY, I was better but then again... I got a toothache which hurts so very bad. Even though, I had a plague-ridden CNY holiday, I did manage to have a good time with friends & family. The limited time spent with them was well-appreciated.