Home is the Thing with Feathers

The previous 6 years have seen me leave my parents' home & full-provision for various locations within & outside of Malaysia.
Every location had something unique to offer me.
And I was also able add to or tweak the place to suit my liking.
At all these locations, I was able to recreate a new home for myself again & again.
Except the latest.
I currently live in an exclusive & spacious teachers' apartment on school grounds.
It's on a hill so I see picturesque mountains & a valley from my bedroom window.
I have a spacious living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & balcony.
It has great potential to be absolutely lovely!

I had a really awesome home in Wellington (both of them) & I had always hoped that once I started working in Malaysia, I'd design for myself a home that is one step above the practical & at the same time would reflect my personality.
I have more demand for art & pretty interiors than it is natural for a young single male bachelor.
Maybe I'm gay...
But anyway, I currently posses a salary that would cover for all that & a little bit more!


taken from home-designing.com

What's keeping me from gratifying my fetish for interior self-expression?
Lots and lots of water.
More specifically... a river: my only means of transport.

To purchase any decorative item, I'd first have to make my way to the nearest city (the best one would be Sibu: 3 hours boat ride).
I'd have to go from the jetty to a shop (taxi or friend's ride).
I'd have to transport the item back to the jetty.
Carry it onto a boat, bring it to school & carry it all the way up the hill.

The limitations:
- time consuming: can only do it on weekends
- limited space: can only bring what I can carry
- transportation cost: round trip can cost up to RM100

I can realise my dream.
But it will take a looooooooooong time.
Until then, I'd have to bear with the depressing barrenness of my apartment.
I have a cooling fan, adequate lighting, a super massive wardrobe & a lovely wooden slat bed.
But I dont have a table in my room, no mattress, no chair & no mirror.
I sleep in a sleeping bag & put my stuff on the floor or in the wardrobe.
Welcome to my home where hope is the thing with feathers.


  1. bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.

    patience is the key.

  2. Hey Koko..
    Are you planning on posting to somewhere else? If so, i am sure you can realize your dream and have the perfect home that you wanted for.
    Good luck and take care there! :)

    p/s : it isn't gay if you wanna decorate your house! :D

  3. i think
    maybe this is a golden opportunity
    for you to treasure nature's beauty
    and explore it even more
    to get some ideas and inspirations
    for your future design..

    just trying to make you smile..
    did i succeed??

  4. Don't worry babe. Im sure in the months to come you'll make your space more livable. We shall go to IKEA and get you some decor things that arent too heavy to bring back yea?

  5. sleeping in a sleeping bag on a wooden slat as a bed, deep in the recesses of the jungle and god-knows-where - Sounds like what my bf has to do most times. He has had to sleep in the back of a truck, in an abandoned shower only to hv to give it up for a trained bomb-detector dog, and of course many, many times out in the open under the starry sky. But then again, hes in the military so that is expected =D

    Its hard, but once youll hv a comfortable life, youll always remember the hard times, and youll cherish what you hv even more. G luck, it took me a while to set up my place, so yea, patience is the key and enjoy your location. I wish I can get away fr people and the city. Stimes too many ppl can be no fun.

  6. why would they give you a bed frame without a materess? how would they expect you to bring a materess? that's crazy! but i believe you can survive it. take care!

  7. guess what, ive also bn looking at room designs on the net...but the shops here..aiya..tk cre jarod!


  8. Anonymous14/2/09 11:06

    at least you save money not buying any decorative items, or u can maybank2u ur money to my maybank account (i like to call this urmaybank2mymaybank.com) and i'll buy and keep the decorative items for u.....for a while...:D

  9. i'm COMPLETELY surrounded by water....

  10. Sayda:
    I'M TRYING!!!
    It's hard to be paitent when you have been sleeping on a hard surface for more than 1 month!

    Nope, I'm not going to transfer.
    I like the principal. I want to be part of his administration.
    I think he has got purpose & discipline.
    I think he likes me too.

    Yes, Herry...
    You made me smile!
    But seriously, I just want a more comfortable home cause I cant go anywhere else for the whole week!

    IKEA will be my refuge in March.

    You're Tazzy, right?
    Yeah... I'm being very patient & I'm putting my house together one piece at a time.

    My principal has offered to help me with a mattress.
    He will order it from a supplier who will send it to Song.
    Then, the school driver will help me with transporting it to school.
    I love my principal!

    Let's go to IKEA in March!!

    I like you but I dont like you THAT much...
    No deal, bro.

    Looking forward to seeing you in May!


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