Thursday, February 12

Home is the Thing with Feathers

The previous 6 years have seen me leave my parents' home & full-provision for various locations within & outside of Malaysia.
Every location had something unique to offer me.
And I was also able add to or tweak the place to suit my liking.
At all these locations, I was able to recreate a new home for myself again & again.
Except the latest.
I currently live in an exclusive & spacious teachers' apartment on school grounds.
It's on a hill so I see picturesque mountains & a valley from my bedroom window.
I have a spacious living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & balcony.
It has great potential to be absolutely lovely!

I had a really awesome home in Wellington (both of them) & I had always hoped that once I started working in Malaysia, I'd design for myself a home that is one step above the practical & at the same time would reflect my personality.
I have more demand for art & pretty interiors than it is natural for a young single male bachelor.
Maybe I'm gay...
But anyway, I currently posses a salary that would cover for all that & a little bit more!


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What's keeping me from gratifying my fetish for interior self-expression?
Lots and lots of water.
More specifically... a river: my only means of transport.

To purchase any decorative item, I'd first have to make my way to the nearest city (the best one would be Sibu: 3 hours boat ride).
I'd have to go from the jetty to a shop (taxi or friend's ride).
I'd have to transport the item back to the jetty.
Carry it onto a boat, bring it to school & carry it all the way up the hill.

The limitations:
- time consuming: can only do it on weekends
- limited space: can only bring what I can carry
- transportation cost: round trip can cost up to RM100

I can realise my dream.
But it will take a looooooooooong time.
Until then, I'd have to bear with the depressing barrenness of my apartment.
I have a cooling fan, adequate lighting, a super massive wardrobe & a lovely wooden slat bed.
But I dont have a table in my room, no mattress, no chair & no mirror.
I sleep in a sleeping bag & put my stuff on the floor or in the wardrobe.
Welcome to my home where hope is the thing with feathers.

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