Sunday, February 26 Sucks Donkey Kong!

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Back in 2006, I maxed out the photo storage limit on Blogspot & had to find a 3rd party website to host my pictures.
Back then, I wanted a host that was free, simple & had unlimited storage & bandwidth. That was when I found Imageshack.
It was the prefect solution to all my photo hosting needs & it served me well for the last 5 years.

Recently, they were bought over by money-leeching baskets who wanted to extort people for their photos; especially the long-time clients.
So they set a limit of 500 pictures for each free account. If you have more than 500 pictures, your oldest pictures will be deleted on 1st of March.

I have 961 pictures on Imageshack.
Imagine the frustration of someone in my situation: no internet at school & who has to travel 1 hour to use the internet for only 2 hours before the boat travels back.
I don't want half my memories & half the pictures on my blog to disappear overnight!

It's all or nothing, I felt like I was betrayed & abused somehow with this sudden ambush from Imageshack.
There wasn't even an email to notify me of such a significant change in the Term & Conditions.
I only discovered it when I logged in at the site to look at my photos.
What if I logged in after the deadline? WTH?!!!
I don't want anything to do with this site any more. I'm deleting my account & moving all my pictures elsewhere.

So here I am, downloading all my pictures onto my laptop.
I'll be hosting them on Blogspot again since Google took over & extended the storage limit.
Once I reach that limit, I'll probably host on or
These 2 sites received good reviews on forums.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Looking through my old photos have really brought back a flood of memories. I've had an eventful half-decade.
sigh~~~ Moments I wish I could relive again. Many awesome people. Many self-discoveries.
Looking forward to many more great moments in the future.

There will be no pictures on most of my blog for the time being.
I will upload my pictures as soon as I can.
Probably wont be by next weekend because I've got Saturday (replacement) classes & will not be able to make it out to Sibu.
Perhaps I'll spend Saturday night in Song at a friend's house. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, take care! =)

p/s: You'll see a picture on this post once I've finished transferring my pictures!

Saturday, February 18

Life & Times of A Sleeping Dictionary

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I've been trying to find balance in life & work but I seem to lean heavily on working all the time.
You know... I do spend time with myself.
hehehehehe~~~ That just sounds so wrong.
What I mean is I do spend time on myself, ie taking naps, idling, watching movies & playing computer games.
I would add surf the net to the list but there's still no Internet at school. Will have to have a serious talk with my principal about that among other things.

The main cause of this workaholic lifestyle is due to the fact that I live in school, ie in the quarters. When you live there, almost everything you do is related to school. Now, my school is in the middle of the jungle so there is no other option since the nearest town is 1 hour away. Unless, of course, I decide to build myself a nice little shack in the jungle with no electricity or water supply & get haunted by ghosts or raped by some primaeval ape.

With regards to $$$, I still get my housing allowance anyway because the water supply is treated by the school & the treatment is imperfect. Like something you wouldnt do in Russia, I never drink the water in Katibas.
Just like in Kapit & Song, they use a kind of fluorine compound chemical that when ingested causes your brain to disintegrate.
Even trace amounts of this chemical can cause loss of intelligence/memory.

Furthermore, it's not chemists who are administering the chemical into the water but labourers who probably couldnt even pronounce the names of the magical chemicals they pour into the water.
I worked hard for my grey matter & I intend to keep it.
I'll drink bottled mineral water, mind you, & risk overexposure to female hormone imitating leaked plastic compounds.
Yes, I'd rather be gay than stupid.
But I'm not gay as you can read from my previous post. True story.

I wouldn't want to end up like that now, would I?
sigh~~ To think of it, I predict a pretty hectic year for me.
I'm still Chief Warden this year & the hostels will be taking part in Anugerah Seri Asrama Terbilang (ASAT) amongst a plethora of other competitions our small ulu school has been nominated for.
It's ingenious actually, upgrading ulu District Education Offices & having them nominate (ie paksa rela) inadequate schools in their district to go head to head with the best equipped & funded schools (ie elite schools & colleges who steal the best students & funding from 'normal' schools).

The Song District has got only 2 secondary schools: SMK Song & SMK Katibas. So all these thoughtful nominations are split between us & all nominations will return to you next year!
Don't worry, you won't get bored this year because you've got other competitions to work on this year! YAY!
Competitions mainly involve repurposing paper museum archives.

Sometimes in the heat of it all, I forget that there is a 'teach' in teacher.
We do too many meaningless paper-pushing work around the school while the clerks in their air-conditioned offices are busy competing for the high score in Zuma.
Sometimes I ask myself: Does it benefit the students? For whose glory?
I bet you can answer these questions yourself. That is, if those pesky brain eating chemicals dont get to you first.

I know you're asking: What is the world is ASAT?
It's a minor competition organised by a minor department in the state education office but it encompasses the whole school experience for hostel students.
That's a lot of work for a minor competition esp when it comes to maintaining a paper museum about the whole school ie hostel students' academic achievements, hostel facilities, hostel activities & etc.
If you want to make the competition experience meaningful to the students, it involves a HELL lot of work. HELL. Again I say HELL.

Also, a lot of money must be invested by the school into ensuring the hostels are well-equipped with adequate facilities. Notice I mentioned 'well' & 'adequate' instead of 'tip-top'.
That is, if the school administrators are serious about the competition. A BIG IF. Paksa rela remember? Not to mention a probable loss of funds to other equally important parts of the school too. Imagine a small school & you'll get the picture.

Applications from the whole state (ie thick colourful books) will be received, vetted & around 5 schools will be short-listed for inspection by high ranking officers from the state education department before a winner is picked out for the state.
The winner will then represent the state in the national level against the best hostel schools in other states.

Usually, new schools or schools with new hostels will win this competition. Nobody wants a well-worm yet well-maintained 27 YO hostel in the middle of nowhere to be the best in Sarawak now, would they?
Well, you never know. A little smile here & a little wink there & someone might just give us a #1 instead of the #2 that they gave us the last time. They also gave us plenty of comforting words on how agonisingly close it was between the top 2. Please.

There you have it, your weekly dose of my decaying grey matter. =)

Sunday, February 5

The Hot Nurse

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During my CNY break, I met a hot nurse at a private hospital in Kuching.
With more conservative clothing than the lady above albeit Malaysian style: blue & covering everything. But with similar allure & seductiveness.
She had an extremely pretty face that looked really pretty even with very little makeup on.
Her hair was neatly bundled in a bun & her uniform was body-hugging, clean-pressed & neat.
She was slim, around 160cm tall & was well-rounded in all the right places.
With regards to looks. She was a 10 out of 10! A rare find!
Here's the story!

It was late Friday morning & it was supposed to be a simple day where I drove my mom around town & dropped myself off at the heavenly Bing! Coffee to do my marking. (I always seem to have a lot of those to do. Note to self: Tell students to write with more quality instead of quantity.)
I hauled a whole lot of them (20 big as long books) all the way back from the jungle so it would make good sense to at least mark some of it. (BTW I didn't mark even a single word.)
It would seem that my tradition of bringing work home for the holidays & never actually doing it would continue because, right after finishing our errands, my mom's phone rang.
My sister's friend called to inform us that my sister was rushed to the A&E at a private hospital due to chronic stomach pain.

We arrived to see her distressed friends & a concerned parent.
My mother filled the admission forms & there were exchanges of diagnosis from unqualified doctor-wannabes.
I observed my sister & the ward where she was placed in. I knew instantly that this was not urgent & it would be a big waste of time & money.

She was in a lot of pain. I could see it from the contortions on her deathly blood-drained face.
I've seen this exact same thing too many times with hostel students who do not eat vegetables & fruits or drink enough water.
I kept my mouth shut even though I wanted so much to suggest an enema.
After thanking her friends, they left & we sat down. My sister soon went to sleep.
My mom told me that she'd wait for the diagnosis. I was free to leave to do my marking.
I was about to go when I saw... her.

It was her shiny gentle eyes that caught my attention. Then, I noticed her pretty face. Her nose was adorable. Her skin soft & smooth. She was truly a sight to behold.
Then, I noticed the curves on her body & how her body-fit uniform complements her slender figure.
Her beauty took me by surprise. I stared like a deer in the headlights.
I only woke up when my mom jabbed me & reminded me that it was okay for me to go.
Embarrassed, I hid my face in my Men's Health magazine.
My mom kept pushing me to go. I kept saying no.
In the end, I told her I was staying because 有美女好看 there's a pretty girl to see.
She asked where. I waited for the hot nurse to appear, pointed & then said NEH.
Then, my mother got another phone call.

It was my other sister calling from home asking about dinner.
My mother gave instructions but was worried that my sister could not handle the twists & turns of Chinese cooking.
Then, it was my turn to push. I told my mom to go home & prepare dinner.
She did.
I also told her to bring me a bottle of water while she was at it.
She did that too.

After my mom had gone, I continued reading my magazine while waiting for my sister's blood test to come back from the lab.
As I sat there & read, the hot nurse kept walking by me.
I was sitting on a bench at a corridor between reception & the wards so nurses would walk past constantly.
She would be all busy walking here & there doing this & that.
As she walked past, I couldn't help but steal a glance at her.
I caught her stealing glances at me a few times too. Or maybe I'm just perasan.

I tried to read her nametag &, after a few attempts, I managed to make out what her name was. From the name, I deduced that she was Malay + Chinese.
I sat there & continued to read my magazine. She continued to do her work.
I wanted to talk to her so bad but I was too chicken to even get caught looking at her. That was when I knew I could fall in love with her.

After 2 hours of sitting there & reading, I could tell that she was open to me... & so was a doctor (a fat dude who was probably not gay) who kept staring at me wide eyed with a knowing smile.
I was about to talk to her a few times but I was too nervous & didn't move from my seat.
There & then, I decided that by the end of the day I absolutely MUST ask her out.

I waited for the right moment to approach her but it didn't come.
There would always be someone else there or she would walk too fast or she'd be too stressed. I found all sorts of dumb excuses to keep myself from getting rejected.
Then, my mom returned & that was the end of it.
I wouldn't want to hit on a girl in front of my mom now, would I?

But I couldn't stop thinking about her.
After sitting there with my mom for what seemed like an eternity, I decided to just do it.
She was at the reception counter filling in some forms. I stood up & walked over to her. I was getting really nervous inside.
Oh, sheet! Her colleagues (including the doctor & don't forget the patients) were there too!
No turning back now...

No response.
"Uh, hello..."
"Yes?" without even looking up to acknowledge me.
"Hi, erm... I know this was is going to come coming out of the the blue (I was stammering like nobody's business. Dank! And I thought that I was a smooth talker.) I was wonder wondering if you wu would like to have have coffee with me some time?"
She smiled, looked at me & looked back at the papers. Thinking.

"If you're married or attached, I can understand if you say no."
Still smiling, enjoying the attention, looked at her colleagues & thinking.
"I mean no pressure. Just two people having coffee & having a good time."
Thinking... Then, "I don't know."
"It's simple. Yes or no?"
Thinking... Then, she said...
"Yes." She said YES!! I could have jumped for joy!

"Could I have like like your phone number?"
"Are you Chinese?"
"But I'm Malay."
"I honestly don't mind."
"Okay. 01*-********" And I had to flip out an unimpressive Nokia C1. I wish I had invested in an iPhone. Probably a deal killer right there.

"When are you free? When do you get off?"
"Let me check my roster."
Waited for her to check at the boards behind reception.
"Why don't you give me a miss call & I'll let you know?"
"Okay, I'll send you send you a messa text." Then, I rejoined my mom who seem oblivious to the monumental transaction that just took place.
We continued waiting. While waiting, I could hear her colleagues discussing & laughing about what happened.
Eventually my sister got discharged. I couldn't find the hot nurse to say goodbye when I left.

The hospital did a blood test, a urine test & couldn't come up with a conclusive diagnosis. They just said that she could go home already.
Citing an increased white blood cell count from the blood test, the doctor concluded that it was probably a minor virus infection.
Her 1 afternoon stay at the A&E + 1 IV drip + 1 blood test + 1 urine test + consultation + stomach ache pills = RM280.
I think I should have been a doctor. Then, I'd make a lot of money from stomach aches & date hot nurses.

Anyway, let me tell you that this was a failed romance.
I met her on a Friday & I had to leave on the following Sunday. I only had 1 day. Saturday. The next time I'd be back was in March.
Immediate contact is a no-no for any guy/girl who is serious about the other. Leaving her out in the cold until March was too long & not a good option too.
I thought that she worth giving it a shot.
What have I got to lose anyway?

I texted her once that night & twice the next morning. No reply.
I was planning to take her out for lunch so I finally called at around 10.30am.
"Hi there. Is this ********?"
"huh? I mean ********."
"No. I think you got the wrong number."
It was her voice & her accent.
"Are you ******** binti ****?"
"No. Who is that?"

I thought about it for a moment. Perhaps she needed more reassuring that I'm not a playboy. She didn't hang up. She picked up pretty quickly. I could push her & persuade her. I could fight for her. She seemed like a really nice person. Besides, she's got an exterior worth dying for.
"That's okay then. Thanks for talking to me. Goodbye."
 I decided to be fair to her. I let her go.

What have I got to offer her but long waits for a man who would disappear into an unknown land & be out of contact for long periods of time.
I don't have money. I don't have a title. I don't even have a smart phone. All I have are my charms & a simple life. Plus loads & loads of passion.
But is that enough for a woman? Was that enough for her?

She changed her mind & broke her promise.
I did not feel any spite. I understood her position very clearly. We were probably too different to ever hit it off anyway.
I mourned my loss but I wanted it to be her gain.
I sent her one last message talking about how she impressed me. I paid her a compliment & wished her well.
Then, I deleted her number & all my messages.
She was gone.

It was probably never meant to be in the first place.
I believe I'll find my special someone... one day.

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