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taken from Back in 2006, I maxed out the photo storage limit on Blogspot & had to find a 3rd party website to host my pictures. Back then, I wanted a host that was free, simple & had unlimited storage & bandwidth. That was when I found Imageshack. It was the prefect solution to all my photo hosting needs & it served me well for the last 5 years. Recently, they were bought over by money-leeching baskets who wanted to extort people for their photos; especially the long-time clients. So they set a limit of 500 pictures for each free account. If you have more than 500 pictures, your oldest pictures will be deleted on 1st of March. I have 961 pictures on Imageshack. Imagine the frustration of someone in my situation: no internet at school & who has to travel 1 hour to use the internet for only 2 hours before the boat travels back. I don't want half my memories & half the pictures on my blog to disappear overnight! It's al

Life & Times of A Sleeping Dictionary

taken from I've been trying to find balance in life & work but I seem to lean heavily on working all the time. You know... I do spend time with myself. hehehehehe~~~ That just sounds so wrong. What I mean is I do spend time on myself, ie taking naps, idling, watching movies & playing computer games. I would add surf the net to the list but there's still no Internet at school. Will have to have a serious talk with my principal about that among other things. The main cause of this workaholic lifestyle is due to the fact that I live in school, ie in the quarters. When you live there, almost everything you do is related to school. Now, my school is in the middle of the jungle so there is no other option since the nearest town is 1 hour away. Unless, of course, I decide to build myself a nice little shack in the jungle with no electricity or water supply & get haunted by ghosts or raped by some primaeval ape. With regards to $$$, I

The Hot Nurse

taken from During my CNY break, I met a hot nurse at a private hospital in Kuching. With more conservative clothing than the lady above albeit Malaysian style: blue & covering everything. But with similar allure & seductiveness. She had an extremely pretty face that looked really pretty even with very little makeup on. Her hair was neatly bundled in a bun & her uniform was body-hugging, clean-pressed & neat. She was slim, around 160cm tall & was well-rounded in all the right places. With regards to looks. She was a 10 out of 10! A rare find! Here's the story! It was late Friday morning & it was supposed to be a simple day where I drove my mom around town & dropped myself off at the heavenly Bing! Coffee to do my marking. (I always seem to have a lot of those to do. Note to self: Tell students to write with more quality instead of quantity.) I hauled a whole lot of them (20 big as long books) all the way back from the jungle