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#SPM2020: Cancel? Postpone? -- Teachers' Perspectives

Honored to be amongst some of the most recognized teachers in Malaysia in a private session with YB Syed Saddiq of MUDA . This is the first time I have ever been consulted by a minister. I'm impressed that we had representation from all over Malaysia. We even had someone from a P3 school. Kudos to the person who set this up. During the session, YB wanted to hear from us about the situation on the ground. What the students & teachers are going through preparing for SPM 2020. Also, what were our recommendations. ==Personal Thoughts/Notes From The Session== 1. YB was punctual & stayed beyond the 1-hour session. I'm so impressed with this because this demonstrates his respect for our time. I've lost many hours of my life just waiting for VVIPs to arrive. 2. YB didn't talk much. He was mostly listening & asking questions. 3. Teachers were very much echoing each other, on our experiences and thoughts from our students. 4. TLDR: There is no win-win situation when

How UiTM Puncak Alam Ran The Best Webinar Ever

In October last year, my former student from SMK Katibas asked if I could conduct a talk for her class at UiTM Puncak Alam. Although I was rushing to finish two books before the start of the new academic year, I always make an effort to say yes to former students, teachers, or lecturers. Little did I know, I would have the pleasure of presenting at a masterclass in webinar organization. Here's what they did right... ~~~PRE-WEBINAR~~~ 1. I was contacted months in advance and was able to comfortably make time. 2. The webinar was postponed to a later date selected at my convenience. 3. The UiTM Puncak Alam students were resourceful & got all the necessary photos and an up to date bio from the internet for their promotional materials. 4. Respectfully worded reminders were sent on WhatsApp prior to the webinar. 5. My refusal to give them a copy of my slides was accepted. 6. Links to the webinar were provided the day before. ~~~DURING~~~ 1. After the welcoming speeches, a comedy vide