Sunday, June 29

To Love A Woman

taken from

I can speak of words like candyfloss
To seduce & tame even the wildest of femina
Yet I have never taken pride in this gift of the gab
Because I know deep inside...

I can pleasure with countless repetition
Leading her into a moment of mutual euphoric explosion
Yet this I do not do, though I feel the burning desire
Because I know deep inside...

People have started quoting what I say about love
Someone I am particularly fond of likes to do so
But more often than I am comfortable with
Because I know deep inside...

Someone said that I should write a romance novel
Yes, I have learnt a lot about love
Yet I am unable to write, though I lift the pen
Because I know deep inside...

There are many women in my life
Many of whom have got what I want
Yet I am helpless to pursue
Because deep inside...

This feeling it sneaks up on me
Every time it does, I receive a surge of inspiration
My best poems were written high on this sensation
Because deep inside...

Countless nights I spent on my balcony staring into the emptiness
With a lighted cigarette and smooth white smoke billowing from out of my mouth
A small relief for the gapping pinch I feel every time I remember
Because deep inside...

I know I don't yet know
I know I won't soon know
Of that which tortures my soul
To love a woman... whole

Friday, June 27

The Greater Profession

Today was the first time I entered my 4 ERT class of SMK Puteri Titiwangsa.
Previously I was told that they were quite a "difficult" class.
The English word "difficult" in this context means:
- lazy to do work
- does not concentrate in class
- has very low English proficiency
- some cant speak
- many cant complete a sentence

Imagine the amount of pressure I went through trying to plan a lesson based on a scheme of work designed for a medium-proficiency class for a low-proficiency class using a text-book for high-proficiency students.
In the end, I planned a simple activity based lesson where there is interaction between teacher-student & student-student.

Now, imagine the amount of pressure & uncertainty I felt when I entered for the first time into a class whom I'm not sure will work with me with a lesson plan that I wasn't sure would work with them.
At the end of the lesson however, I felt edified & more confident about teaching this class.

The class was very good to me & responded to me just like the good class did!
They contributed to the lesson & did what I wanted them to do.
They were also able to answer my questions, although this with broken English.
Me starting to like this class... even though half the students were missing from the lesson...

Story of the day:

taken from

There was a group of eager students clearly giggling about me & enjoying the time I spent with them during relief.
I guess it all started with me greeting students in a somewhat charming way...
There are many ways of saying "good morning, class", you know?
I did this with the intention of getting the girls to like me...
But I might have gone a little too far with it...

Then, I consoled one of the students who was clearly having a bad day.
I walked towards her with a kind smile on my face before squatting down next to her...
I said to her in a gentle hushed tone, "are you okay?"
She smiled sweetly and shyly nodded.
The whole class was silently watching...

Then, I picked up a pen that was dropped by one of the girls that her friends did not want to pick up for her even though it was easier for her friend to pick it up than for her to move to it.
She was greatly impressed...
I can hear it from her gasp...
And the gasps of countless other girls in the class...

Then, there was this pair who knocked on the door.
I was working on something so I did not give much thought before uttering the words "Yeah... What's up?"
They needed to see one of my students.
I voiced my approval amongst voices of young girls giggling happily & one girl uttering a surprised "what's up?"

At the end of the period, I said my goodbye to the class.
But they had more to say to me.
"Why aren't you an air-steward?"
"Why aren't you an artist?"
And then the main point of their curiosity...
"Why did you want to be a teacher?"

I smiled & replied...
"It's the greater profession."

Thursday, June 26

koko' the Choir Trainer

taken from

This afternoon I had the privilege of joining a meeting of the Culture, Music & Choir Society of SMK Puteri Titiwangsa as my exposure to the world of managing co-curricular activities in Malayisan secondary schools.

Little did I know that I would be given the task of producing a choir performance for the retirement ceremony of the assistant principal that will be held in September!
I got less than 11 weeks to search for a qualified group of students, select the songs, train the students to sing the songs, train a conductor & perfect the singing of my group of angels.
YEAH!!! So challenging! But with God's power, I know I can do it more than okay!

At the first session, I would usually choose to do an audition.
But I did not have the instrument nor the musician to facilitate this...
but I did have a small group of students who were enthusiastic & eager to learn!
It was a small group, so if I could make this first session an entertaining success, many more would come for the next session.
Then there will be more students for me to choose from...
Then again, perhaps I should also have an announcement made during next week's assembly to have people who are interested in joining the choir to come for that audition.

Since I had no instruments...
I did the only singing that a choir can do without music...
The realisation & exercise of the most important organ in the body when it comes to singing...

Is it the vocal cords?
Is it the lungs?
Is it the brain?
NO, it's the diaphragm.

The diaphragm controls the quality, amplitude & projection of your voice.
It also controls air retention & force.
Choir members sing from their diaphragms instead of their throats.
This is mainly to gives their voices a neutral full body quality that causes the whole choir of dozens of people to sound like only one person.
Many voices combine as one...

Besides exercises of identifying, controlling & using the diaphragm...
My students enjoyed my teaching them how to:
- drop their jaws when singing to give their voices maximum resonance that allows for a less noisy sound
- yawn to practise using their diaphragms instead of their throats for the pushing of air
- hiss to control air retention
- throw their voice to test how far they can project their voice

I have lots to do in the coming weeks...
cracking my head until late at night planning lessons...
entertaining students in the every day relief classes...
helping out with the photography needs of the school...
help out with the school magazine...
Now, add the production & training of a choir...
Do pray that I do more than fine in all!

I'm thinking of using "Think of Me" from the Phantom of the Opera as my English song.
But I need suggestions for the BM song...
Do help me out here...
I need a song that is suitable for the retirement ceremony of an assistant principal.

For my abilities as a choir trainer...
I just have to give tribute to my SMK Batu Lintang Choir teacher, Pn Luk.
Her drilling and training for the awarding winning choir I was in really taught me a lot of things!
I didn't realise it until I actually started teaching it to my own group of kids!
Thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, June 24

The Charms of A Future Teacher

Today, the school returned to its usual timetable of lessons.
Today is also the day I taught my first ever English language lesson!
Form 1 Maju were my guinea babes and they were amazing!

As a teacher...
I'm not the type to read from the textbook & I'm not the type to give everything to the students.
I learnt a lot from Vygotsky's social constructivism theory & zone of proximal development (ZPD).
My style of teaching involves a lot of student-teacher interaction.
I lead the students down paths they have to go all by themselves one day & I help them do it well.

The students' response was overwhelming.
They were eager & motivated.
Although they could not answer open-ended questions like "tell me about Independence Day", they were able to respond to leading questions like "when is it?".
They also worked well in groups & were very enthusiastic about the work that was assigned to them.
haha~~ Cute little girls...
Mind you they are too young for me, k?
(I know what some of you are thinking!)
But they are still able to capture my heart in their sweet sweet way...
Thank you for being such a blessing to me, class!

Story of the day:

The story of the day is not about my Form 1 class though...
It is about a "relief" class I was assigned to... a Form 2 class.
It is a story of a young teacher & a young lady in his relief class.

A few days ago, this young teacher consulted a close friend who spent all her schooling years in a girls' school...
He asked if he should deal with his students sternly & strictly.
She replied, "No, charm them."
He listened to her & he reaped the successful fruits of his social skill prowess during his first lesson.
He also defused a situation during the relief class with grace & charm.

Half of the class was missing from the classroom because they were held back in the wood workshop by the teacher until they finished their work.
It took more than 20mins for the whole class to return.
That's half the period but I couldn't be bothered to fret over it because I didn't have a lesson for them.

I was waiting outside the classroom with my arms crossed for all the students to return.
And the last person to enter the classroom was the class monitor.
Boy, was she in a bad mood!

She made no effort to conceal her anger...
She stormed into the classroom & tossed the class register onto the teacher's desk before returning to her seat.
The heavy book landed with a loud thud.

I never took my eyes off her as I entered the room...
The class grew increasingly silent...
She avoided eye contact & sat down with a "don't f*ck with me" expression on her face
How snobbish!
How disrespectful!

I kept a stern gaze at her & waited silently for her to make eye contact...
Time passed... The class grew nervous...
As she maintained her stand of being angry...
I noticed how adorable she looked when trying to act tough...
I smiled in my heart as I waited patiently.

Looking over her shoulder & crossing her arms...
Soon she grew curious...
And she made eye contact!
At that point, I was beyond anger, I was actually adoring her...
I relaxed my expression,
looked deep into her eyes with my smiling eyes
shrugged and sweetly said to her,
"shall we do the good morning?"

Her expression instantly changed from soursop into chocolate covered ice-cream!
She beamed with suppressed laughter!
Instant happiness!
She smiled, blushed & stood up...
Eagerly, the class followed...

I said in a loud cheerful voice, "Good morning, class!"
They replied, before laughing their heads off, "Good afternoon, teacher!"

Monday, June 23

Someone Deserves A Slap!

The first day of school was uneventful.
It was "report card day" where parents come to see the class teacher & discuss the child's performance.
We met the school leadership, hung around the staffroom, mingled with the friendly teachers & staff as well as asking teachers about the classes we were going to take over.

*wondering if any of my students are reading this*
Form 1 Maju & Form 4 ERT of SMK Puteri Titiwangsa...
Looks like you'll be stuck with the pragmatic koko' for the next 3 months!

Story of the day:

Someone really deserves a real hard slap!
Cikgu Shim TetChon!
When the four of us were in a meeting with Mdm Lim, the assistant principal (Penolong Kanan), my beloved friend just had to make this cheesy joke...

Mdm Lim: *hopeful* "It's good to have you guys here. I believe you will be able to persuade the students here to concentrate in class. Especially the weaker classes."

Cikgu Shim: *confidently* "Don't worry, maam."
*proceeds to place a hand on my lap*
"Our friend here is good in *emphasis* persuading girls."

Mdm Lim turns towards me & studies me.
koko': ...... *flabbergasted* *speechless*

Trying to cover me but failing miserably...
Cikgu Nesa: "It's in a *emphasis* good way."

And I did not help my already tarnished impression with this stupid statement...
koko': *confused* "I'm a good boy."

Italy Loses In EURO Quarter Final

Italy & Milan midfield playmaker, Andrea Pirlo, was heartbroken after Italy's EURO 2008 quarter final game against Spain.
He burst into tears of disappointment & frustration...
The pain was so great, he couldn't contain himself...
He, an influential man, couldn't help crying openly...

Such was the heartache & shame felt by a player who was obviously a missing element in the team during the game.
He couldn't play because he was suspended for having a total of 2 yellow cards in his previous games.

Italy lost in a game that they played very badly.
Spain worked hard & were constantly looking to score against the Italians.
Italian goalkeeper Buffon was probably the best performing Italian player on the pitch that night.
The game ended 0-0 with Spain deservingly winning 4-2 in penalties.

I am very disappointed...
I don't feel like grumbling anymore...
I'm heartbroken like Pirlo...

Friday, June 20

There Was An Earthquake Today

For those of you who do not know...
For the last 5 years I have been sponsored to be sent overseas & trained as the Malaysian English teacher of the future!
The last phase of my induction is to pass the evaluation that will be carried out during a 12 week practicum at a local school.
My practicum start on Monday where I will be reporting in to SMK Puteri Titiwangsa as a "Teacher Trainee".
I'll be going with Shawn, Nesa & Aimi.

Yes, I'll be going to a Secondary School in KL...
Yes, I'll be going to a girls' school...
Yes, a girls' school in the middle of the city...
I know...
But it seems, I didn't know enough...

Today, we had some free time after our briefing in the morning so we decided to look for the school & some wise guy suggested that we also drop in to greet the teachers (which I consented to reluctantly).
The school in Titiwangsa was about 10mins drive from our apartment in Lembah Pantai. (traffic jam not included)

It looked like just about any other Malaysian school...
Except there was a near fatal overdose of estrogen...
Both in the teaching team & in the school student population.
Which may not actually be such a bad thing for me...

One thing that really impressed me about the school was that the teaching team were very friendly, helpful & efficient!
Teacher after teacher introduced themselves & gave us words of encouragement.
They have also prepared the classroom arrangements & documents for us before the actual date we were supposed to report in!
What a pleasant & welcome surprise!

As we were taken on a mini tour of the school...
Guess what we found as we walked past the Form 4 Science 1 class (supposedly the best class of Form 4)...

taken from

It started with one voice.
Then 2 or 3 joined in.
Then 2 or 3 more.
Soon the whole class turned into a choir.

The lovely piece they sang was composed of a single syllable with a surprisingly long vowel.
It sounded like "aaawwwwooooooooooooooooooooo!!".
The amplitude of the volume increased in a crescendo.
At the peak of the crescendo, the sound of drums were added for stronger effect.
Just when you thought the climax of the song was nearing an end, rumbling sounds & stomping sounds were added to sustain this orgasmic delight.

The rectangular drums that also rumbled were custom made from wood & stood on 4 legs.
The stomping sounds were produced from white sneakers forcefully pushed into the ground.
What a wonderful symphonious performance from the class!

Strangely, right after their performance, they started cheering...
Well, logic dictates that they were cheering for themselves because of a job well done!
But, as we walked past the class, why do I get the strange feeling that they weren't cheering for themselves??

Interesting school...
I wonder what will happen on Monday?

Thursday, June 19

Thanks for Calling, Dear

Through the time & silence
Just as hope was deafened
Your voice still brings me cheer
Thanks for calling, dear

Wednesday, June 18

Italy Qualifies For EURO 2008 Quarter-Finals!

taken from

What a drama!
What a drama!
And oh what a relief after its all over!
Italy has risen up & qualified for the Quarter-Finals of EURO 2008!

Before tonight's game, Italy was at the bottom of the Group C.
They lost their first game, drew the second & tonight's game was their last chance.
They had to win tonight's game to secure enough group points to be 2nd place in the group.
Only the 1st & 2nd place in each group get to qualify for the quarter finals.

However, they had a slight problem though...
Romania is currently 2nd place in the group with one point more than Italy.
Therefore, if Romania were to win their game against Holland, Italy might as well not play theirs because Romania will have more points anyway!
Romania will have to lose for Italy to go through.

Italy faced a tough game tonight against a reputable foe, France.
Both teams had the same points in the group so both teams will definately fight for a win.
Both teams started the game with equal determination & desire to win.
But Italy stood out from the very beginning with their pin-point passing, cohesion & sturdy defence.
France played rough & worked very hard but the team just did not click.
Soon they were out-played...
In the end, Italy won 2-0.

But the Holland vs Romania game was running simultaneously...
If Romania win tonight, Italy's win would mean nothing...
Romania fielded their first team for this crucial game while Holland (who will still be top of the group even though they lose tonight's game) did them a favour by fielding a weaker untested team.
Things did not look good for Italy...
However, Holland's second team did manage to beat Romania 2-0!
So Italy will move on to the quarter-finals to face Spain on Sunday, June 22.

I'll be dancing in my sleep tonight!

Tuesday, June 17

Tony Roma's Mid Valley

This is Nasrul, he sacrificed his whole 2 week holiday to stay in our KL apartment to care of the injured WuNan while everyone else went back to their respective hometowns & had a good rest.

This is the injured Wunan who jumped from the top of our 7 floor building.

Nas had plans for the holidays but he gave them all up.
He spent the holidays caring for Nesa's injured WuNan, his baby Sho'el & my beloved Shadow.
I did not bring Shadow with me because Nas wanted the siblings to stay together. If they are seperated for too long, they may return as strangers & become territorial.
His original plan was to take the 3 cats home with him to Seremban.
But WuNan's accident complicated the matter & he had to stay back in KL.

When I landed in KL from Kuching, I was hungry for some meat...
I also wanted to compensate Nas for the sacrifice he made...
So he picked me up from KL Sentral & we headed to Tony Roma's @ Mid Valley for dinner on me!

This is what Tony Roma's in Mid Valley Megamall looks like.
Unfortunately, we went on a Malaysian Father's Day so the restaurant was full.
Fortunately, there was a hot young waitress, Ain, at the front desk who was pleasing to look at & very professional with her work.
She was friendly even though she was under a lot of pressure.
She put us in a waiting list & promised to call us if there was a table.

After wondering around Mid Valley for more than half an hour...
we were starting to consider other options...
right then, my phone started to sizzle...
Ain called.
She had a table spread out for us.
Nas & I looked at each other...
the same thought ran through our heads...
Tony Roma's here we come!

That evening, I had my very first piña colada.
Yes, it was mentioned in the Sean Kingston song, Take You There.
It was a very refleshing & sweet mix of blended ice with rich coconut cream & pineapple pieces.
The original drink is an alcoholic drink composed of rum, pineapple juice & coconut cream in crushed ice but this one was just as welcome a treat on such a hot day!

We skipped entrées because (from previous experience of having just a sandwich at Tony Roma's @ Pavillion which has really huge) I expected a large serving in the mains.
I ordered a ribeye steak that night with great anticipation...
But it greatly dissapointed me...

I asked for a medium-rare steak because I wanted to taste a little blood & sink my teeth into juicy chewy meat.
But when my steak was served, it did not look very impressive...
It was a dry black piece of meat half the size of a man's palm...
The way it was presented did not make me feel like eating it...
First impression = bad

But I thought to myself:
Well... dont judge a book by its cover!
Give it a shot...
Let me cut it first...
Ok, it's a bit hard to cut...
Hey, it's black in the middle!
It's well done! I wanted medium rare!

Oh, well... Here goes nothing!
*chew* *chew*
Gosh.. it is so tough...
Gosh... i dont taste the meat...
too well-done... maybe overdone...
Sigh... I tasted better cheaper steak.

After I was done, the waiter came & asked if he could clear the table.
We consented but the way he did it was not dignifying.
As he proceeded to take the plates, he realised that he couldn't carry a plate in each of his hands, so he decided to stack our 2 plates...
Now stacking is fine, but stacking on the table infront of a customer is NOT!
Esp when you have to empty one plate onto another infront of him!
That just ruined my experience!

However, I did get a good chat with Ain after dinner...
Just a chat... ntg more ok?!
She was nice to talk to... really nice...

Sorry Tony Roma's in Mid Valley Megamall...
I'm never coming back & I'm not going to recommend you to any of my friends...
In fact, I might even discourage people from trying you out!

But I haven't given up on Tony Roma's just yet...
The one at Pavillion gave me a very good impression...
Maybe it's time I paid a second visit & blog about it...

One thing's for sure...
I'm never having steak in Malaysia anymore...
Unless I prepare it myself!

koko' rates Tony Roma's @ Mid Valley:
0.5 out of 5

Saturday, June 14

What An Interesting Week!

Last week was eventful...
This week was... well... interesting!
I had a bit more time to relax this week compared to last & I hung out with old friends more often too...

Here goes the final week of my holidays:

Taken from

This week was interesting because of a bold promise made by Anwuar Ibrahim:
“As soon as Pakatan Rakyat forms the government, oil prices will be reduced. I will resign if oil prices are not reduced.”
Anwuar has made an offer the people cannot refuse!
This promise is spot on to the most apparent & current need of the people.
This alone will win him many votes & the support of many.

However, here is something that may affect the crossover numbers from Sarawak...
MPs in Sarawak have recently been showered with a whopping RM15000 allowance every month for them to reach out to their constituents in the interiors by helicopter.
I wonder how much of that money will actually go to helies instead of mercedies?

The political arena has become very interesting after the "tsunami" elections...
Let's sit back & watch how the drama unfolds!
And let's hope in our hearts & prayers that it is the people who will win in the end...

This week was interesting because I helped out with some family business.
Note that the emphasis here is more on family than business...
So basicly, I did some chores...
I sorted out the recycling & helped with mowing the lawn.
But mostly I was the family driver because school restarted this week & so did tuition.

Every day you'd find me:
blazing from one end of the city to another in mommy's car
or waiting patiently in my shorts, t-shirt & ah pek slippers
(oh, how sexy I'd look... see those hairy legs...)
and reading a novel while listening to music on my hi-tech earphones
(oh, how smart I'd look... I see the hot nerds checking me out...)

After a week as driver, I'm half way through Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code".
So you can imagine the amount of time I spent waiting for my little masters to say "take me home, driver".
Now imagine the amount of time my parents have spent all their parenting lives waiting for the 6 us!
My respect for them increases with each day...

This week was interesting because, for the first time ever, this house has got an internet connection that is endorced by its highest authority!
My parents have voluntarily subscribed to Streamyx at home!
Previously, the internet needs of this household were satisfied by sending needy children to my father's office.
But this changed because of the assignment research needs of my sister who has just entered a local institute of higher learning.
I'm happy cause now I can finally use FREE hi-speed internet at home!

Our Streamyx registration & Aztech router was sourced from Jason Lau.
He is a soft-spoken guy that was really responsible with any issues that arose & helpful with my questions.
I'd recommend his services if you are looking to have Streamyx in your home.
He can be contacted at 014-2080002.

This week was interesting because I had the oportunity to find out about & try Kuching's best burger!
Behold Herry's burger stall.
You can find him at night in the building across the road from Swinburne where the restaurants 'Rasa Rasa' & 'chilipadi' are located.

His menu is very simple...
you have a choice of either chicken or beef.
Add-ons are either extra cheese or pineapple added to your burger.

If you observe him, you can see that he treats his burgers with tender loving care.
He carefully takes out each patty & lovingly lays them down on the barbeque.
He gives each patty equal attention while they cook & makes every effort to maintain the quality of every burger made.

I have never tasted burgers so juicy & flavourful.
I guess this is mainly because of the patty which home made from real meat.
A burger will cost you around RM3.50.
Pricy, but the quality makes it totally worth it as it tastes totally different from the usual mass produced burgers.

taken from
Buffon reacts after saving Mutu's penalty!

Sigh... This week is yet another week to grumble rumble.

Last night, Italy drew 1-1 with Romania!!!
Well.. At least they played a much better game last night.
They were alert from the start, created a lot of chances & worked well together.
They failed to score more goals because the Romanian goalkeeper, Lobont, was excellent in twarting their efforts.

Italy are now at the bottom of Group C with France who lost, last night, to Netherlands, 4-1.
The last game for Group C is next Tuesday.
Italy vs France; Holland vs Romania.

Italy MUST win!
However, if Romania wins against Holland, Romania & Holland progress to the finals.
If that happens, Italy can go home & bury their useless handsome faces in their pizzas.

**grumble** **grumble** **grumble**

Tuesday, June 10

What An Eventful Week!

I was actually looking forward to an uneventful holiday at my parents' holiday house, lazing on the large cushy couch in the living room, sipping on a glass of Hennessey & puffing on a Cuban cigar while reading the morning news or writing the next Malaysian novel.
Such was the extent of relaxation I yearned for due to the taxing & hair-pulling nature of the previous month.
Little did I know, my greatly delayed flight was a sign of times for an eventful holiday back at home!

This was my first week back in Kuching...

The most significant of all events was the government's decision to increase oil prices.
It's quite a steep increase for petrol from RM1.90 to RM2.70 per litre.
A full tank used to cost RM50, previously it was RM60, now it costs more than RM100.

This increase has allowed Malaysia to break the world record of longest time for queues outside petrol stations nationwide!
On Wednesday, June 4, petrol stations nationwide were congested for an amazing 8 hours from 4pm to 12pm!
There were lines as long as the Rajang River causing congestion of roads as well as an immense waste of petrol and precious time.
Seriously, instead of announcing a price increase for tomorrow at 4pm today, I think the government should give the public a few days grace to prepare for the price hike or at least let it be an unexpected unpleasant surprise the next morning.

Consequently, we can expect the cost of EVERYTHING in Malaysia to increase so let's pray that our salaries will start increasing too...
Also watch out for merchants trying to make a dishonest buck & any robberies due to the increase in EVERYTHING.
The government has announced plans to cushion the impact of increased fuel prices so let's be conservative with our spending while at the same time hopeful that our government is working for the benefit of everyone in need.

The most amazing of all events was the standing of the eggs.
Yes, chicken eggs suddenly sprouted invisible magical legs & stood up for a while.
It occurs only at 12pm on the 5th day of the 5th month in lunar calendar, which was last Sunday.
The 5th day of the 5th month is also the day the Chinese celebrate DuanWu (or Dragon Boat) festival.
Actually, these eggs were able to stand because gravity is strongest at that time of the year.

Another rumour I heard is that sick people will get healed if they jump into a lake at 12pm on that same day.
I wonder if it is true...
Many Chinese with superstitious tendencies swear by it...
Well, I'll need to see it or experience it to believe it...
When I do, you can be sure to catch it on my blog!

picture taken from

The most time was spent on hanging out with old friends from middle school & high school.
Besides chilling at food & beverage establishments, most of the time spent with them was spent playing futsal.
I played futsal an amazing total of 4 times in 7 days.
However, I sprained my left ankle badly during my first & latest game.
So I'm letting my legs rest during my last week in Kuching to recover for competitive 11-a-side football back at in KL.

My ankle hurts & is swollen like a mini balloon...
Thank God I can still walk!
Less football means more hangouts next week!

From left: SuLeen the hot, Alvin the hunky, Ivanna the eccentric & ah^kam the koko’

Most recent friend was Ivanna Ting of whom I met through her blog.
She caught my attention with a compelling poem but has yet to produce more.
Come on Ivanna… Stop camwhoring & start writing some meaty stuff!

I hung out with her a few times at her part-time workplace in Bormill, Pick & Pack.
Pick & Pack is a novelty shop on the 2nd floor of one of the newer buildings & is perhaps better known for its display of a massive SpongeBob stuffed doll that will set you back around RM1500.
Nothing proves your love to your woman more than a larger than life doll with a larger than life price.
You know you want it… Well actually… Your girl does…

Ivanna was carefully etching onto a mug an intricate piece of artwork required from a customer for a father’s day gift.
She does it really well & it is almost identical to the model followed.
This is the one thing that sets this shop apart…
other than the large variety of Meiji candy available…
for a price, you can modify any item or you can have something unique made for you!
I'm think about having something made for Shadow...

The best food & beverage establishment I have visited so far has got to be Bing!.
They serve Illy coffee, free Wi-Fi & a relaxing air-conditioned environment.

I did not have internet at home so I'd park myself on one of their large cushy couches & sip on a cup of good latte.
And I mean GOOOOOD latte!
It's hard to find a place in Malaysia that prepares coffee properly.
All the well-known establishments like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans & etc try very very hard to make good coffee...
And they look like they do...
but for those of us with a discerning tongue, they all fall short of the local cafe...
And in Kuching, this local cafe, Bing!

I come only at night because the best barista works at night.
Illy coffee is one of my favourite Italian coffee bean roasters.
I only drink the best coffee.
So Illy coffee + night barista of Bing! = satisfied customer koko’!

Picture taken from

Ok, enough of the happy happy talk...
The most disappointing moment was last night.
Italy lost in their EURO 2008 game against the Netherlands.
And they had to lose so convincingly... 3-0.

Both teams started out cautious, testing each other.
But when the Dutch started picking up the pace, the Italians were still dragging their feet.
Only after losing a second goal did those mozzarella filled chunks awaken from their slumber & started playing like they wanted to win.

In the end, the match was won by teamwork & cohesion.
This, the Dutch had plenty.
Both teams were equally skilled & both worked hard to win.
But the Dutch side's edge was their outstanding display of teamwork.
Italy had many chances during the game but they failed to work together.
They were constantly losing the ball while attacking because they thought their teammate had run the other way.
The passes were either too short, too high or too far away...

**grumble** **grumble** **grumble**

Yes, I support Italy.
And yes, the lack of sleep is getting to me...

Sunday, June 1

7 Hours To Go

The place is Low Cost Carrier Terminal, KLIA.
It is currently 9:45pm.
My flight from KL to Kuching is at 7:10am.
Check-in is 5am.
7 hours to go until I can sleep again.

I arrived at the LCCT at 7pm.
I thought my flight was at 10pm.
Little did I know, my 10pm flight was cancelled and replaced with an earlier 8am flight!
I was not informed. No email. No phone call.
I missed my flight and I didn't even know it!

Fortunately, the staff of AirAsia are well trained...
There was Syifa & then there was Alif.
Contrary to standard Malaysian customer service where the paying customer is treated worse than a peasant when an issue arises...
They were very kind & gentle with me.
Syifa gently explained the reason for the change.
Alif & Syifa worked fast to give me a seat in the next flight & even double checked the bookings I made for all my future flights!
I believe the manager should give them a big pat on the back.

I gave them a tiny box of Beryl's Dark Chocolate as an encouragement & token of my appreciation.
I also wrote an email to AirAsia guest support.
They impressed me & made me feel like a human being.
No other forms of compensation required...
You treated me with respect & professionalism.
That was more than what I would have asked for.

Malaysia needs to learn from AirAsia when it comes to customer service.
AirAsia went the extra mile for me.
I shall be flying AirAsia from now onwards.

AirAsia is not just any low-cost airline...
In my heart, it is a humble carrier with good Malaysian values.
Malaysia truly Asia.
AirAsia truly Malaysian.

I have 7 hours to spare...
Maybe I should chat up that really really cute & hot Thai chick over there...

p/s: My flight was cancelled because Kuching International Airport closes at 12am.
So if you have a flight arriving after or around 12am, you better double check with your carrier!

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