Italy Loses In EURO Quarter Final

Italy & Milan midfield playmaker, Andrea Pirlo, was heartbroken after Italy's EURO 2008 quarter final game against Spain.
He burst into tears of disappointment & frustration...
The pain was so great, he couldn't contain himself...
He, an influential man, couldn't help crying openly...

Such was the heartache & shame felt by a player who was obviously a missing element in the team during the game.
He couldn't play because he was suspended for having a total of 2 yellow cards in his previous games.

Italy lost in a game that they played very badly.
Spain worked hard & were constantly looking to score against the Italians.
Italian goalkeeper Buffon was probably the best performing Italian player on the pitch that night.
The game ended 0-0 with Spain deservingly winning 4-2 in penalties.

I am very disappointed...
I don't feel like grumbling anymore...
I'm heartbroken like Pirlo...


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