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I Brought Choral Speaking To NYC

Can you believe that I actually brought Choral Speaking to NYC? When you search on Youtube , it seems that choral speaking is extremely popular in Malaysia, but practiced nowhere else, as I couldn't find many videos from other countries. So, come NYC, you might be world-famous city, but there's always something you can learn from good ol' Malaysia. Let this cikgu show you what you've been missing out on. On their Graduation Day, my High Beginner ESOL class at AMPHS performed a choral speaking piece I wrote, "Our English Class". I wanted the guests (& especially funders $$$$) to hear from the students' mouths what actually goes on in their class & why they are taking the class. Check out the video, listen to the piece & you'll find out too.

South Central Park | Walk With Me In NYC | SMK Katibas, Sarawak

Take a walk with me in South Central Park , New York City ! Dedicated to the students of SMK Katibas in Sarawak, who voted for the landmark, here's the first video in the Walk With Me In NYC series! In this video, I take you on a walking tour & show you various landmarks in South Central Park : Columbus Circle , Trump International Hotel , Central Park Carousel , Sheep Meadow , The Mall, Literary Walk, Naumberg Bandshell , Bethesda Terrace, Bethesda Fountain & Bethesda Arcade . This video was produced in collaboration with Cikgu Noor Raihan of SMK Katibas, Sarawak.

Farewell Celebration With Civics & ESOL AM1 | LaGuardia Community College

Celebrating the end of the academic year with my ESOL class from the Center for Immigrant Education & Training at LaGuardia Community College , some of whom have been with me for 2 or more semesters! They prepared a beautiful picture slideshow movie 🎥 of our memories together 😍😍😍 & we celebrated with food from our respective cultures. I brought Beef Rendang (spiced meat dish), from Taste Good in Elmhurst , which was an instant hit! I also discovered a love for Empanada Colombiana (Colombian meat puffs). It's so sad to part with them. They were an active, funny & inquisitive group to teach. We had so many memories together. We went to the Tenement Museum , the Federal Reserve Bank of NY , Federal Hall , & 3 different Queens Libraries on field trips. They improved so during the semester. I remember some of them having difficulty reading simple texts, but they were so dedicated & hardworking. My dear students, I've learned so much about your home

Farewell Celebration with CALP PM1 Class | LaGuardia Community College

Celebrating the end of the academic year with my ESOL students at the Center of Immigrant Education & Training , LaGuardia Community College ! Have a great summer, everyone! 🌞🏖️🕶️ It's really sad to say goodbye as many of them have been with me all year & we shared many moments together. Besides our regular classes, we visited The High Line , 911 Memorial & Museum , & 3 Queens libraries on field trips. I've seen them improve tremendously from not being able to speak English or pronounce properly to being able to make simple conversation & read fluently. Thank you, my beautiful students for being willing to learn from me & teaching me about your culture & delicious food! God bless all of you! Come visit me in Malaysia!