Farewell Celebration With Civics & ESOL AM1 | LaGuardia Community College

Celebrating the end of the academic year with my ESOL class from the Center for Immigrant Education & Training at LaGuardia Community College, some of whom have been with me for 2 or more semesters! They prepared a beautiful picture slideshow movie 🎥 of our memories together 😍😍😍 & we celebrated with food from our respective cultures. I brought Beef Rendang (spiced meat dish), from Taste Good in Elmhurst, which was an instant hit! I also discovered a love for Empanada Colombiana (Colombian meat puffs).

It's so sad to part with them. They were an active, funny & inquisitive group to teach. We had so many memories together. We went to the Tenement Museum, the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Federal Hall, & 3 different Queens Libraries on field trips. They improved so during the semester. I remember some of them having difficulty reading simple texts, but they were so dedicated & hardworking.

My dear students, I've learned so much about your home cultures & countries. I really admire your willingness to learn & accept me as your teacher. I know that I am very strict & demanding, but I hope that you gained something from me. I wish all of you success in the USA! Keep practicing your English during the summer! I'll miss you & do come visit me in Malaysia for more beef rendang! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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