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Loneliness: Is There A Cure?

taken from How many of you feel the emptiness in your soul after losing someone you cherish? Either from death or the ending of a relationship... If there were memories to hold on to & cherish the other person for, there will be some form of manisfestation of the lacking of this individual who once filled this vacuum in your heart... As for me, the manisfestation is pain & loneliness... Pain & loneliness for my grandfather when he left this Earth many years ago... Though a long time ago, I still feel the loss today... Although not very often, the memories, when brought back, bring a bittersweet sensation... I remember the days I spent with him as a young boy... He was my role model... I saw how he managed his family... he was a very wise man who had peace with his wife... During my Primary School years, he combed my hair every morning & said that I should always be neat & tidy... I even used his "old-man" hair products...