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A Warning To All Malaysian Bloggers

To all you Malaysian bloggers with blogs that are available for public viewing, I have a grave warning for you. Keep this in mind every time you want to write about something related to an organisation that is in a position to cause harm or inconvenience to you or your connections. I have recently had to write a letter of apology for a post I wrote about my visit to a local award-winning school. It was a simple post to share my experience with my readers. In that blog post, there was a very brief critique of their teaching techniques. I said that the teaching methods in this school was not that much different from other schools. Several months after being published, the principal of the school got to read the critique & apparently became really angry about it. Although she was not in a position to harm me, I visited the school as a student of my institute. If I do not take remedial action, my institute & the person who arranged the visit would receive a bad reputation.

The Grades for My Degree

Today, the grades of my cohort were posted up on the notice boards. Here are mine: Victoria University of Wellington Bachelor of Education TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Level: 2.1 (Second Class Upper) Practicum: Merit (Cemerlang) I'm happy with what I got! And I know I didn't do it all by myself so... taken from Firstly, I'd like to thank my God who has granted me favour & turned various circumstances around to grant me an advantage. My success is a testimony of your love. I'd like to thank my father who made me sign up for this "go-overseas-for-free" course. I'd like to thank my mother who supported me all the way. I'd like to thank the men of Cohort 2 . We helped each other through many tough times & had many one-night stands together rushing to complete assignments. You are my family not in blood but in spirit. Esp you, the monkeys! I'd like to thank the ladies of

Carnal Limits of an Honourable Man

After going through 5 strenuous days of a pre-service patriotism camp for government servants, I have to say that I am quite impressed! I have gained a good understanding of the constitution & foundation of our country. I hate history but I am glad that I learned a bit of it because those who do not know history are prone to letting history repeat itself. I dont want to let bad history repeat itself... However, I am not here to comment on the content or implementation of the camp. I am here to comment on something I observed in a man. I have observed a shameless display of carnal desire in one of the camp facilitators. This caused me to look into myself & wonder... Will I be like him in the future? I dont know about other men but I am a man with needs... This need surfaced during puberty & grew significantly as a developed into a man. At this moment, I am a humble uncorrupted individual. Therefore, I carry myself with honour & self-control. But a few years down the road